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Sit. Focus. Read! Okay, so we can’t train you as well as your dog, but lucky for us, that’s not our specialty!

If you haven’t’ thought about training your dog already, it’s about time you consider it. The truth is that well-trained dogs are happier than dogs with no training. Because dogs thrive in environments where they know what is expected of them and the better behaved they are, and everyone wins.

No matter your dog’s current level of training, there is always room for improvement! But before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s first answer some common questions about dog training in New York City and how it can improve life with your dog.

What is included in dog training services?

Long story short, if you want to modify your dog’s behavior, you’re going to enter the world of dog training. Dog training is the concept of teaching your pooch to do something when they are presented with specific stimuli.

Let’s imagine teaching your dog to sit. Even if you have no idea where to start, you’re probably already thinking that you should use a treat to try and get your dog to do what you want. That’s precisely what dog training is, in essence. To train your dog to do a specific task, you need to use the idea of “consequences” to show your dog what behavior is appropriate after a given action. So when it comes to teaching them to sit, your use of the command “sit” should be followed by a consequence, i.e., a treat!

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How much does dog training in New York City cost?

When it comes to the cost of dog training in the Big Apple, the options are varied. One of the biggest reasons behind the many different price points is due to bundling.

Every puppy school or trainer bundles their services differently. So while one course says it’s $375 and another says it’s $1,110, what they each offer could be different. In this example, the first course is the introductory session while the second price consists of several different classes.

What’s the average? For an initial, introductory course with one-on-one instruction from our PetYen dog training vendors, the average can be anywhere from $175 to $400. The average time of this class varies, too, from one to two hours in duration.

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How do I book dog training services?

It’s important to research all of the dog training options before settling on just one. When you’re ready, you can find dog training services in New York City online with by completing this form.

After you submit your form, one of our PetYen vendors will contact you via email or text message based on your preferences.

Once you’ve decided on one dog trainer (congrats!), make sure you’re well-prepared before you book:

Latest Vaccinations

Is your dog up-to-date on all their shots? Your trainer needs to know. In fact, they may have rules regarding your dog’s health and age when it comes to both individual and group sessions. Talk to your vet, as they typically know what is required of dogs when it comes to training.


Before you book, look to see if your trainer requires any specialized equipment. Dog training equipment can vary from a certain type of treat to a particular dog clicker. While some equipment is standard, ensure that you’re familiar with the requirements before booking the class, so you know the additional costs.


High-quality trainers are in high demand in New York City, so before you get your heart set on a certain class schedule, make sure it still has open spots. When you’re in the process of booking, make sure you have your calendar open in case you’re asked to consider alternative dates. It’s also considered proper protocol to make sure those dates work for your pup, too.

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How do you verify dog training vendors?

All of the dog training vendors for PetYen must pass our Standards of Excellence. All vendors are licensed, bonded, and have been in business for a year or more. They maintain a good positive presence in the New York City community.

Also, depending on what you’re looking for when it comes to training, certain trainers may be a better fit for your dog. For instance, some trainers subscribe to different types of training, while others use treats or positive affirmation in the form of a pet. There are many “right” ways when it comes to training your dog, so it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with and research from there.

If you’re looking to train your dog to a specific level like the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award or Delta Society’s Pet Partners (Therapy Dog) program, you’ll want to check their website to confirm they have certified trainers available.

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What cities do you offer dog training services?

All PetYen vendors are located in Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods of New York City.

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