Find the Best Dog Walking Services in New York City

Finding a dog walker in New York City is almost as easy as hailing a cab. Dog walking has been around for decades, but it’s becoming a more common practice these days, especially in bustling cities like the Big Apple.

No matter your reason for wanting a dog walker (and trust us, we know there are plenty!) it’s more than likely you have some questions about how dog walking in NYC works.


What is included in dog walking?

Dog walking is pretty self-explanatory… it’s the art of walking a dog or pack of dogs. This profession used to be relegated to individuals offering their free time between gigs to walk the neighborhood pups, but it has now become so popular that full-blown businesses are popping up dedicated solely to the task of dog walking.

So how does dog walking work? Typically,  you and your walker schedule a time (whether on the regular or on a need-only basis) for the walker to come pick up your dog, take them for a stroll in the park, give them some much-needed attention, and then drop them off back at your home.

That way, if your big 5 o’clock meeting is running late or if your boss has scheduled you for overtime on Thursdays, you don’t need to worry if Spot has gotten the chance to stretch his legs or not.

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How much does dog walking in New York City cost?

The general price range regarding the cost of dog walking in New York City, based on available rates, is around:

  • 30-minute walk: $20 – $30
  • 60-minute walk: $50 – $60

This can vary depending on the exact services and some dog walking companies offer add-ons like “extra play-time” or “running” which can impact the overall price.

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How do I book dog walking services?

Before you book your dog walker, make sure you’re an informed future customer and consider the following:

Talk About It

Having a conversation with the walker about your dog’s temperament is an important topics to discuss before you hand your dog over to a walker.

  1. Is your dog will more comfortable on a solo or with a large pack? What type of dogs dose your pup get along with and what types does it shy away from?
  2. What’s your dog’s temperament around common situations one might encounter on a walk? How does your dog handles children, loud noises, skateboards, bicyclist? These are all things you want to talk about before your dog leaves the house.

Latest Vaccinations

Is your dog up-to-date on all their shots? Your dog walker might have some rules regarding this, especially if they are walking your dog with other dogs at the same time.


Check with your dog walker to see if they require any specialized equipment. Do they like a particular leash? Do you need to supply your own doggie bags? Make sure you’re prepared to make the walk as pleasant and easy as possible for both your dog and the walker.

Time of Day

Before you schedule your dog’s walk, think about the ideal time of day and on your own schedule as well. When are you able to walk your dog? Because you probably don’t need a dog walker within a two-hour window of when you first walked your dog in the morning. As with everything though, give your dog walker several options in case your first choice isn’t available.

To schedule an appointment with a PetYen dog walker, just complete the form here to contact PetYen’s dog walking vendors. Once you submit the form, one of our NYC dog walkers in your neighborhood will contact you via email or text message to continue booking your services.That’s right, just a few clicks and your pooch has a plan!

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How do you verify dog walking vendors?

While booking a dog walking service it might be simple, that doesn’t mean it’s a thoughtless task. There is still a lot to consider. First of all, you’re trusting this person with your most prized pup, and second, you’re letting them into your home!

So, how do you make sure you know your pet is in good hands? At PetYen all of our dog walking vendors in NYC must pass our Standards of Excellence.  All of our vendors are licensed, bonded, and have been established for over a year. They also have good standing within the community.

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What cities do you offer dog walking services?

Right now, we are limiting our services to the Big Apple a.k.a. New York City! We’ll keep you posted on when we branch out to new cities, but for now, our focus is on Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods of NYC.

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