Find the Best Cat Training Services in New York City

Have you ever rushed home from work to discover your cat has been digging in the trash? Or destroyed your new IKEA couch? Yep! We’ve all been there. That’s why training your cat at an early age is pretty important.

Let PetYen help you to find the best cat trainers in New York City. With our PetYen approved cat training vendors, your cat will learn social skills, obedience training, and you’ll develop a closer bond with your furry friend.


What is cat training?

Cat training is the way by which an owner can change their cat’s behavior to achieve an end result. Some owners are looking to train their cat for fun or entertainment purposes, while others are just looking for an improved relationship with their feline.

There are many reasons to pursue cat training, but  the main objective in training is focused on eliminating poor behavior and improving the interactions between cats and their owners. The ultimate goal is for the cat and owner to learn to coexist in a positive way.

While there is no right way to train your cat, below are three common ways to handle cat training:

  1. Reward With Treats: Like dogs, cats respond well to positive affirmation. If you want your cat to learn to use the litter box, reward them with their favorite treat each time they execute the task correctly.
  2. Use a Clicker: One of the hardest parts of training any animal is showing the animal which of their actions was the correct one. By using a clicker, you can teach a cat that the act they performed directly before they heard the clicker noise was the right one. Followed by a treat, this strategy is beneficial.

Avoid Punishment: It’s natural to assume that punishing your cat will show them that what they did was wrong. Unfortunately, cats don’t respond well to punishment so they typically just learn to run away after they have been disciplined. This can result in a cat becoming scared of family members, hostile or forced to retaliate when it feels threatened.

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How much does cat training cost in New York City?

While cat training is an essential service for many cat owners, it’s still not as widespread as dog training.

For that reason, finding a cat trainer in New York City is a bit more difficult, and the price can range quite dramatically depending on the training.

Some cat trainers in NYC charge $185 for a 90-minute consultation, while an 8-week behavior and wellness class can cost up to $450.

The most important part of deciding your budget for cat training is to determine what result you’re hoping for.

PetYen’s form makes this easy by asking you what you’re looking for from your cat trainer. There you can specify if you’re looking for an introductory crash course or you’re looking for a more advanced option. Once you know what the training entails, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re willing to spend.

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How do you verify cat training vendors and service providers?

It’s not always easy to verify who it is that is responsible for your cat’s training. It’s especially important that you work with a reputable vendor as you are going to take their teachings home to reinforce daily with your cat.

PetYen understands the importance of safety when it comes to your pet so they help to make the verification process easier. PetYen has created a “Creme de la Creme” list which lists all verified vendors.

These vendors adhere to the PetYen Standards of Excellence and other verification measures, so you can trust that your cat is in safe hands.

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In what cities do you offer cat training services?

Our attention is entirely on New York City at the moment. Our cat training vendors are located throughout midtown Manhattan, North Brooklyn, and other New York City areas. Once we master this city, we will hopefully be in a city near you soon!

So, whether you live in a small NYC apartment or a lavish home in the suburbs, getting your cat trained will make your life easier (and less time will be spent cleaning up the trash your cat just played in). And, just like with dog training, there are various ways to train your cat.

If you’re ready to take the next step and want to find a cat trainer in NYC for you and your feline friend, fill out PetYen’s form that helps match you to the perfect trainer!

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