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Because keeping your dog’s coat looking fine a full-time job, dog grooming in New York City can be a godsend for your busy work/life schedule. Plus, even more importantly, because our little city creatures are exposed to a variety of stimuli, some of which is downright gross, you can appreciate the groomer’s hygienic help!

So for those looking to get some added support and hire a new dog groomer, here’s a little more information about booking dog grooming services in New York City with PetYen.


What is included in dog grooming?

What’s better than being reunited with your dog after they’ve been perfectly groomed? Their fur is fluffy, clean, and soft….but the best part? They smell amazing! For some reason, when dogs are washed in regular old home bathtubs, the end result just isn’t the same. There’s just something about bringing them to a groomer and letting them work their magic that makes all the difference.

Not only is grooming essential to keep your dog looking good,  but grooming is important for your pet’s health and, consequently, your own peace of mind. Don’t believe us?

Just think about thanking your groomer the next time you see your golden retriever hairs all over your couch because without their added help maintaining your dog’s coats, you’d be laboring all day twice a day just to eliminate a fraction of dog hair. And for those of us living in a big city like NYC who has the time for that?

Why do they call it grooming? Don’t groomers just bathe your dog and move on to the next one? You’d be surprised by just how many people think it’s that simple. To be fair, dog groomers do bathe your dogs, but they also do much more like trim their nails, cut their hair, and clean their ears.

Think about a Maltese. They look low maintenance, right? You might think that a tiny white dog can’t possibly need much when it comes to grooming but you’d be wrong! First of all, a white dog is never low maintenance. The second they step outside, their little paws become dirt magnets, resulting in a pup that needs constant bathing. Secondly, Malteses don’t shed much at all, which means every 6-8 weeks, they need a significant haircut.

Outside of the general hygiene that dog grooming offers, it also helps to catch potential ailments. Groomers are often the first to notice a sensitive part of your dog that you may need to mention to your vet. Groomers know what to look for and see thousands of dogs, so if something is off with yours, they’ll let you know.

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How much does dog grooming in New York City cost?

Average dog grooming prices in NYC vary by business and location, but each dog is different and requires a different level of attention to their grooming. Most dogs usually need groomed 8-12 times a year.

After a quick scan of our New York City dog grooming vendors, we found the range to be between $60-$110. While that’s a broad spectrum, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific average because each dog is different and each owner can decide which services to pay for. More services will result in a higher bill.

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How do I book dog grooming services?

Want to clean your pooch up a bit? You can find the best dog grooming services in New York City with PetYen. Just fill out this form, and one of our dog grooming vendors will contact you within minutes to schedule your service!

Before booking your dog grooming services with a trusted PetYen vendor, make sure you have the following information:

Latest Vaccinations

Is your dog up-to-date on all their shots? Your groomer needs to know this. Also, if you have a puppy, you may need to wait until your dog has reached a certain age before a groomer will work with them.


If your dog hates water with a fiery passion or has other quirks, give your groomer a heads up. They may have a unique way of dealing with dogs like yours so give them the professional courtesy ahead of time.


Groomers are busy people. Another day means up to fifty dogs for them. So when you go to book, have several dates ready in case your first choice isn’t available.

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How do you verify that dog grooming vendors are safe and reliable?

It’s scary to trust your four-legged friend to someone else but here’s PetYen vets our NYC groomers. First, they must pass our Standards of Excellence.  All PetYen vendors are licensed, bonded, and have been in business for at least one year. They also must maintain a positive presence in the local community.

While we’ve done all the legwork for you, if you feel you need to do a little extra research, we suggest the following:

  • Ask Your Vet: There’s nothing better than asking your veterinarian for their advice or suggestions. You’ll sleep easy with their recommendation.
  • Visit In-Person: Go ahead and check out the business if you’re nearby. How do the other pups seem? Fluffy? Happy? If you’re lucky, you’ll bump into another patron that you can chat up regarding their experience.
  • Ask For References: If they don’t have them or don’t want to share, red flag! Good businesses will be happy to share, provided they have customer permission.

Do Some Online Digging: A Google search never hurt anyone. Pretend you’re in the FBI and run a citizen level background check on your groomer of choice to see what the online reviews say.

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What cities do you offer dog grooming services?

Right now, PetYen’s dog grooming services are only available to residents in the Big Apple, a.k.a. New York City! Our vendors work throughout pet-friendly neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Where Does PetYen Operate?

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