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PetYen instantly connects pet owners to the best pet providers in New York City. Find the perfect solution for your pet’s needs . . . right in your neighborhood.

PetYen is a platform that connects pet owners to our curated list of pet providers. It’s free for pet owners and great for merchants. How’s that to get your tail wagging?

The core of our business is relationships that can only be maintained and nurtured through a high level of honesty, integrity and trust. While we utilize technology to maximize efficiency, we remain vigilant that every vendor on our site provides professional quality services and has a vested interest in providing you with the best information for your pet. Every vendor accepted on the PetYen search engine meets PetYen’s 3 standards of excellence:


1. Demonstrates a true love of animals.
2. Adheres to industry safety standards and best practices.
3. Exemplifies the highest standards of competence, professionalism and integrity.


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