Find the Best Dog Sitters in New York City

While dog sitting in New York City is the perfect solution when dog parents need to venture off without their four-legged friend, the process of finding the best dog sitter in NYC isn’t always the easiest. So if you’ve ever struggled to find someone that both you and your pooch connect with, then let PetYen take it from here!

PetYen is committed to helping you find the best possible caretaker for your dog in your absence. So for those of you who are ready to take the plunge, keep reading for more information on commonly asked dog sitting questions.


What is dog sitting?

The feeling associated with needing to head out of town, or remaining at the office to work late, and having to leave your pooch behind is heartbreaking. Whether it’s for work or play dog owners need an extra set of hands t to help them take care of their pups when they are otherwise occupied.

Dog sitting is when someone comes to look after your dog while you’re not available or out of town. Owners love it because they know they are leaving their pooch in good hands.

As dog sitting becomes more and more common, pet owners are looking to better understand it to determine if it’s right for them and their dog.

There are two main ways that dog sitting occurs depending on what your dog requires:

  1. Dog Sitting At Your Home:  Any pet owner knows that it can be difficult to disrupt their pup’s scheduled routine. If your dog doesn’t deal well with change, having a dog sitter stay at your home can help ease any anxiety that your dog might be feeling because you aren’t there.
  2. Dog Sitting At Their Home: If your dog responds well to new environments (and maybe new friends as well, because sometimes sitters can board a few dogs at once), you can request that your dog stays with the sitter at their home. That way you know that your dog is getting the best care in the comfort of your sitter’s home, which in the end may even give them more attention throughout the day.

Before deciding on a dog sitting option, it’s always good to first consider both your comfort level and your dog’s.

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How much does dog sitting cost in New York City?

There’s no way around it: dogs are expensive! That’s why it’s so important to consider expenses like dog sitting costs before owning a pup because the price can rise quickly.

There is quite the range when it comes to dog sitting rates. In New York City, the average price per night of dog sitting is between $30 to $65, with some sitters charging more. That large of a price gap can be explained by the following criteria:

  • Dog Type: It’s not uncommon to see the price change depending on what type of dog you are asking the sitter to care for. Dogs with high energy that require more exercise might call for a higher rate.
  • Dog Size: If you have a larger dog, you can probably expect to pay more. Just like some pet hotels, some sitters may choose to raise their rate for larger dogs as they take up more space and require more care and attention.
  • Dog Temperament: If you have a difficult or high maintenance dog, proceed with caution. It’s important that you’re honest ahead of time regarding your dog’s quirks, and be prepared to see a price increase.
  • Level of Care Required: If you want the sitter to stay at your house and you have high expectations regarding your dog’s level of care each day (i.e., a certain number of hours of playtime or specific medication), be prepared to open up your wallet.
  • Sitter Popularity: The best sitters are in high demand, which gives them the ability to charge slightly higher rates.

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to proper dog-care, so if you’re looking to spend a little less, you can look for deals or ask your dog sitter for discounts.

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How do I book dog sitting services?

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to give dog sitting a shot, we’ll walk you through how to book a dog sitter on PetYen. Before you book, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Expectations: Before you finalize your dog sitting services, you’ll first want to share your expectations of care with your sitter. It’s okay to want extra doggie playtime or long walks, but they’ll want to know that sort of information upfront.
  • Dog Health: Your animal’s current level of health will matter to your sitter. So much so that a sitter may turn away an extremely old or ill dog. When it comes to vaccinations, be prepared to share what your pooch has been treated with.

If you have the above information prepared, you’re ready to book your dog sitting services with one of PetYen’s trusted vendors!

Just start by using PetYen’s form. By using this form, PetYen will determine what kind of pet you have, what services you want, and more. It’s this easy to get matched with the perfect dog sitter in NYC in just a few minutes.

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How do you verify dog sitting vendors?

A dog sitter can become a part of the family, so it’s incredibly important to look into their legitimacy. It can be tempting just to assume they’re safe but it’s crucial to actually look into the matter.

PetYen has verified all of our dog sitting vendors in NYC. Our vendors must pass PetYen’s Standards of Excellence. It also means that they have a positive presence in their community, in addition to being licensed and bonded.

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In what cities do you offer dog sitting services?

Right now, we are working on perfecting dog sitting in NYC! We service the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas of New York City for dog sitting services. Once we have accomplished that, we’ll (hopefully!) move on to a city near you.

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