Find the Best Dog Boarders in NYC

We get it, the idea of leaving your precious pooch behind is heartbreaking enough without having to worry about where to board them. Lucky for you, we want to help make the entire dog boarding process? in New York City easier on both you and your pup!

For those who are brand new to puppy ownership or have never boarded your beloved furball in New York City before, we will answer all of the most common NYC dog boarding questions below:


First things first, what is dog boarding?

Dog boarding was created for any situation in which you and your pet need to be separated overnight or for an extended period.

Whether you’re traveling, staying in a “No Pets” hotel, sick, or simply need a safe place for your dog to stay, you can “board” your animal at a kennel(which is pretty much the same as a dog hotel). While every dog kennel is different, the overall experience is the same.

You bring your dog to the kennel where they can stay in their own separate rooms or with a group of dogs with matching temperaments and personalities. This way you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing the kennel staff feeds, watches over and walks your dog every day while you’re away.

While boarding has typically been used for overnight care, many people these days are choosing to sign their dogs up for “doggie daycare” at boarding facilities during daytime hours.

Because most dogs have “working parents,” this new trend has surged in which people drop their pooches off at boarding business just during work hours so someone can watch their kids while at the office. Talk about a pampered pooch!

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How much does dog boarding in New York City cost?

If you’re from New York City, the idea of paying for dog boarding might leave you in a cold sweat. But before you get yourself all worked up over an expensive dog boarding bill, keep reading.

After a quick review of some of PetYen’s New York City dog boarding vendors, we found quite a big  range in price points, but some good news is that you can find excellent dog care for prices as low as :

  • For drop-in weekday visits (in your home):  $15 per visit
  • For daycare (in the sitter’s home or a kennel): $34 per day
  • For overnight care (in the sitter’s home or a kennel): $30 per day

Now while those rates were among the lowest we found of our PetYen vendors, we’ll be honest; they are not the average. So, don’t be shocked if other local boarding facilities charge way more!

Based on our research, dog owners should expect to spend anywhere between $45-80 dollars a day per dog, depending on the dog’s size, breed, and needs. So while the cost of dog boarding in New York City is no barking matter, there are tons of options at a variety of price points when you book a dog boarder online with PetYen.

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How do I book dog boarding services in NYC?

Thankfully, in today’s day and age, there are a variety of ways to get a hold of your desired boarding service!

Before you get in contact with your boarding service of choice with PetYen, make sure you have the following information:

Latest Vaccinations

Is your dog up-to-date on all their shots? As a rule of thumb, it is common practice for a vendor to ask all relevant health questions such as this and chances are most vendors will ask a range of questions regarding your pooch’s health history. This not only ensures the safety of your dog but also that of all the other dogs they are caring for in their facility.


While PetYen’s boarding professionals in NYC are accustomed to dealing with all kinds of dogs, even the most anxious, aggressive, or downright mean ones, they will ask you about your dog’s personality, so make sure you answer honestly! This will help the facility prepare in advance and create a situation will make both you and your dog as comfortable and happy as possible.


This seems obvious, but you can’t imagine how many owners get so caught up in thinking about their little four-legged angels that they neglect to remember the exact dates when booking!  So yourself (and the receptionist) a favor and write down the dates before scheduling!

But because It’s easier than ever to book a dog boarding service online with PetYen. All you have to do is Just click here and answer a few questions, and voila! We’ll connect you with a local dog boarding vendor to schedule your services.

Once you submit your questions in our online form, one of PetYen’s local NYC dog boarders will contact you via email or text message to answer your query and coordinate a time to book your service. You work directly with our vendors to schedule a date and time that works for you both- so it really couldn’t be easier.  

One pro tip, no matter what/with who, it’s always important to call the establishment before the big day arrives or make sure you have an electronic confirmation. There’s nothing worse than booking your dog’s stay online and going to drop them off only to find out you accidentally booked the wrong dates!

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How do you verify dog boarding vendors?

At PetYen all of our vendors must pass our PetYen Standards of Excellence. All of our dog boarding vendors are licensed, bonded, and have been established for over a year and are experts in dog boarding.

However, we totally understand that you might like to do a little sleuthing about a specific vendor before you bring your pup for it’s first visit. So, if you would like to verify our vendors on your own before bringing your dog to one of boarding vendor for the first time, look at the below steps to ensure you’re protecting your pet from a less-than-stellar situation:

  • Visit In-Person: Ahh, this sounds eerily similar to the advice we just gave above, but it’s so important that it’s worth saying twice. Ask to tour the facility: our vendors will be happy to show you around.
  • Ask For References: If they really are good, others will back them up. Ask for references and then do the due diligence of actually calling them and talking! Fido will thank you later.

Do Some Online Digging: Thank goodness for Yelp reviews because they have saved us from many a bad restaurant. But whether or not you realize it, there are tons of sites out there like Yelp or Google that review businesses so do a search and see what you find.

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What cities do you offer dog boarding services?

Right now, we are limiting our services to the Big Apple! But we’ll keep you posted on when we branch out to new cities, but for now, our focus is on Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Want your pet to have only the best care? Find the best dog boarding in NYC with PetYen! As dog lovers ourselves, we take such good care of our guests that we’re pretty sure they barely miss their owners while they are gone!

Maybe we don’t speak dog, so we can’t confirm that exactly but we can share just how many happy tail wags we see on a daily basis! So if you want to schedule your dog’s next boarding with us, reach out to PetYen today!

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