Find the Best Cat Sitters in New York City

There will come a time when a cat owner has to travel and can’t bring their beloved four-legged friend with them. While finding the best cat sitter in New York City is easier said than done, let PetYen make the process more streamlined by offering access to the best cat sitting services in the Big Apple.

What is cat sitting?

Cat sitting is simply what it sounds like! It’s when a person watches over a cat while the owner is away. This is becoming more and more popular as people want to make sure that their cat is well taken care of, and not so lonely, when they are away and unable to do it themselves.

Just because our feline friends are known for being incredibly independent and resourceful that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a well-thought-out plan for their care when you’re out of town.

There are two main ways that cat sitting works depending on your expectations for cat care:

  1. Daily Cat Sitting At Your Home:  For many owners, it’s imperative that their cat’s schedule remains as it is, which is difficult to maintain when they are away. For this reason, there are cat sitters who will come and watch your cat at your own home, at regulated times, to make sure your cat is at its most comfortable and relaxed state.
  2. Overnight Cat Sitting At Your Home: For some owners, it might not feel like enough to have a sitter stop by a few times a day to feed and pet their cat. For those who think their cat will benefit from “around the clock” care, there are cat sitters out there who will stay at your home overnight or for the duration of your trip.
  3. Cat Sitting At Their Home: Don’t want to worry about giving your cat sitter access to your home? No worries. There are plenty of cat sitters who will take your cat to their home where your cat can explore and have fun, possibly with new feline friends!

It’s always a good idea to first consider both your comfort level and your cat’s before deciding on a cat sitting option. While it may seem like a good idea to host the cat sitter at your home, you may choose that it’s easier to just drop off and pick up your furry friend.

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How much does cat sitting cost in New York City?

Nowadays cat owners have become more acutely aware of and invested in their pet’s needs, so it no longer suffices for the neighbor’s kid to just pop in and put some food out for your cat.  We have officially entered an era where cat sitting is a way of life that makes sure your cat is just as well taken care of by another human as it would be by its own parent.

Owning cats comes with typical pet care costs, and watching them should be included in your pet care budget. That’s why it’s so important to consider expenses like cat sitting before owning one because the price can rise quickly.

While it can be pricey there are still a variety of price points for cat sitting in New York City. The average price per night of cat sitting is between $25 to $50, with some sitters charging as much as $20 per hour for a few visits while you’re gone. That large of a price gap can be explained by the following criteria:

  • Cat Type: It’s not uncommon to see the price change depending on what type of cat you are asking the sitter to care for. Cats that require more maintenance (i.e., grooming requirements) may charge a higher rate.
  • Cat Age: If you have an older or younger cat, you can expect to pay more or get hit with a higher fee, as they may require more care for tasks such as administering medication. Similar to how pet-friendly hotels may charge more for dogs above a specific weight, some sitters may choose to do the same when it comes to watching a cat that requires more of their attention.
  • Cat Temperament: If you have a difficult or aggressive cat, be aware. Your sitter may need to spend more time and energy on your animal which can also increase the price.
  • Level of Care Required: If you want the sitter to stay at your house and you have high expectations regarding your cat’s level of care each day (i.e., a certain number of hours of playtime), you can expect to see your cost increase.
  • Sitter Popularity: The best sitters are in high demand, which gives them the ability to charge slightly higher rates.

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How do I book cat sitting services?

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to give cat sitting a shot, we’ll walk you through how to book cat sitting services with one of our trusted vendors. But before you book your cat sitting on PetYen, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Expectations: You’ll want to let your potential sitter know right away what your expectations are. Do you want them staying at your home or will you bring your cat to them? It’s better to be upfront early to ensure you found the right type of sitter and so that they can provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Cat Health: Most sitters will want to know what kind of health your animal is in and if they are up-to-date on their vaccinations before they agree to sit your cat (this is especially important if your cat will be staying in the sitter’s own home).

If you have the above information prepared, you’re ready to match you cat sitting services with PetYen!

Just complete our form to find a cat sitter in NYC who meets you and your cat’s needs. The form helps match you to a cat sitter nearby, so you schedule a visit whenever is convenient for you.

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How do you verify cat sitting vendors?

If you want to make sure that a trustworthy person is watching your feline friend, PetYen makes it easy to verify that your cat is in good care.

PetYen users can know that all of our cat sitting vendors in NYC have met the PetYen Standards of Excellence.

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In what cities do you offer cat sitting services?

So far, our focus is the Big Apple! Our cat sitting vendors are located throughout New York City from Northwest Brooklyn to Uptown Manhattan. Once we expand to new cities, we promise that you and your cat will be the first to know!

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