Published: September 22th, 2015 | Jeremy Feldman

PetYen is all about helping your neighborhood independent pet business thrive.  We don’t cater to online retailers and big box stores. We believe that the service providers and retailers in your community are your best resource for maintaining the health and wellbeing of your pet. Your neighborhood pet retailer has a lot more to offer than just easy access to food and supplies. Small independent businesses in your neighborhood have a deep understanding of their products and community, and have great local information that you can’t find elsewhere.

Five great reasons to buy local for your pet: 

    1. A unique presence: Your neighborhood pet store will reflect the make up of your community. It will have a deeper understanding of your neighborhood’s specific needs and offer products and services that meet the demands of the community.
    2. Personalized service: Staff members who know you and something about your pet. They have probably have met your dog, give out free yummy dog biscuits, and treat you like a friend.
    3. Product diversity: Local pet stores often specialize in holistic, all natural products and supplies. If you’re interested in locally sourced bespoke pet food and products unavailable elsewhere, your local pet store is a great place to look.
    4. Investing in your community: In addition to keeping your tax dollars local and helping to create jobs in your area, neighborhood businesses anchor your community and help create a vibrant economy.
    5. Local knowledge: From dog parks to adoptions to the best groomers and vets, your local pet retailer will have an amazing pet-centric knowledge base of your neighborhood.
Also, check out PetYen’s blog “pet talk” and our Facebook, twitter and pintrest pages for everyday deals, specials, sales and local pet news in your neighborhood.

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