Published: June 26th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

New Yorkers love their dogs. In fact, if you think about how many successful rescue agencies and animal shelters operate around New York City you might even say that New Yorkers love dogs so much that they love to adopt other people’s dogs. Hell, we even have organizations like BadAss Brooklyn Animal Rescue that travel out of state just to bring unwanted dogs back to NYC for us to adopt!

While most local rescue groups work primarily around New York State, the BadAss mission is unique in that they save dogs from high-kill pounds in the rural south and transport them back to NYC to find them their furever homes. The fact that BadAss has re-homed over 1,700 dogs is just small proof that New Yorkers are eager to take in ALL the unwanted pups we can. And while their purpose is exceptional, and their work dogged,  it’s the BadAss mantra to “save badass dogs from idiot humans” that is downright poetic in its candor. And make no mistake about it, the work they do is 100% badass to the bone.

So what, you may be asking, does it take to be “badass”?

badass summer fest 2017 brooklyn dog adoption event

BadAss’ beautiful Brigitte Bardot cruising around Sumer Fest 2017

1) To Be “badass” Is to Be Fearless<

The sad truth of the matter is that poverty and financial hardship plague many towns in the rural South. So tough choices have to be made. Since affordable pet care is hard to come by, domestic pets are usually one of the first household expenses to be cut. Frequently these pets are either dumped by the side of the road or taken directly to the pound. And since veterinary services are so expensive, most of the abandoned dogs were never neutered or spayed, so there are more puppies roaming the streets than you can shake a stick at. With little other recourse, a majority of these dogs end up in the shelters (many of which are known for severe animal cruelty, inhumane methods of euthanasia and high kill rates). Enter in BadAss, whose sole purpose is to alleviate this epidemic by saving as many of these dogs as possible and transporting them back to New York City where New Yorkers wait for them with open arms.

For a rescue group to travel across state lines just to save these animals from a sadistic fate is entirely fearless and so very “badass.”

2) To Be Badass Is to Be Uncompromising:

The BadAss mission itself is noble, but their work does not end once the dogs have made their way to safety. BadAss goes the extra mile (and cost!) of providing medical services like spaying, neutering, deworming and vaccinating before they partner pups with local foster families. Only once the dogs have acclimated to their new metropolitan way of life are they finally put up for adoption. But don’t think you can just sign up and bring home a new pup. Not even close. BadAss has one of the most restrictive vetting processes in the business (you must be over the age of 22, have three personal references, a government issued ID, and consent to an interview and home visits!). All for a good reason. Not only have these dogs suffered enough but BadAss knows that adopting a dog is not a phase, it’s a way of life (and a forever commitment).

To this end, BadAss will not back down, and so their conviction is undoubtedly “badass.”

brooklyn animal adoption event nyc

The BadAss kissing booth setting the mood for love

3) To Be Badass Is to Be One “ultra-cool Mo**fucker” (Urban Dictionary Said It, Not Us):

Even though the BadAss mission is virtuous, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to get down and bark out like the best of the breeds! BadAss knows how to throw a kickass puppy party. Last weekend we hit up their annual Summer Fest Adoption event and let’s just say we could all learn a thing or two about how to throw a dogs-gone-wild party the BadAss way.

This year’s Summer Fest took place on President Street in the Gowanus neighborhood of South Brooklyn (because nothing says summer in the city like a real block party)! And despite the crippling heat, the people and pups came out to play in force. Friends of BadAss were on hand to amp up the fun like Kate’s Canines who doled out training tips and School for the Dogs who lead the pack through a challenging agility course. Plus, partners like Brooklyn Bowtied were there to make sure all dogs looked fly in their party best and Deb Klein was on hand to photograph the good-looking party animals and their people.

brooklyn adoption event nyc services

But let’s not forget about the real belles of the ball. BadAss brought a bunch of single hotties like Djimon Hounsou, Brigitte Bardot and Becky with the Good Hair who were all up for adoption and looking for love. And these fine looking bitches sure knew how to lure in the suitors! So much so that eleven of these BadAss beauties found their way into adopter’s hearts and their forever homes. (We think that the BadAss Kissing Booth probably didn’t hurt in setting the mood for love).

And of course, no BadAss party is complete without refreshments. Shake Shack showed up to bring pup’s their beloved Poochinis, The Big Gay Ice Cream truck handed out scoops to the humans, Tacos Cholula served up Mexican delicacies, and Canal Bar around the corner (BadAss’ partner in crime) welcomed sweat-drenched revelers with cold AC and even colder beers.

So How’s that for Some Real, Bonafide Badass-ery?

To know BadAss means you know not to miss one of their events. So the fact that BadAss was able to rally the troops, bring the people out on a scorching hot day AND successfully get 11 of their finest canines adopted… clearly proves that BadAss is pretty damn cool!

And that friends, is about as “badass” as it gets.

But the BadAss work is never done. Please visit their website at to view the adoptable pups still waiting to find their furever homes. And since BadAss is non-profit rescue group run by a team of dedicated volunteers, please consider making a donation, they are fighting one hell of a good fight and could use your help.

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