Published: February 24th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

One thing that sets PetYen apart from other Pet service search engines is our focus on the personalization of the pet owner’s request. We designed PetYen without passwords, log-ins and profiles because we believe that a pet owner wants to know which businesses in their neighborhood can accommodate their or their pets specific needs before they decide which business to contact. In essence, PetYen lets a pet owner send out a specific personalized request to a list of curated pet providers in their neighborhood. PetYen then gives the pet business a 24hr direct link to reply back to the request, telling the pet owners why they are the best choice for their pet. This is a huge benefit for the pet owner, because they get a personal reply back from business answering their specific questions and they also get a bit of the businesses unique personality… with one simple step.
“We cut out the leg work, make the connection and help pet owners find exactly what they are looking for” say’s Jeremy Feldman, Founder and CEO of PetYen. “We at PetYen, feels this is great way to find the perfect groomer, walker, trainer, daycare or boarding situation for your best friend”.

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