Published: October 4th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

This year’s Strut Your Mutt event in NYC takes on a new level of importance with a special adoption event for pets left homeless after the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Homeless pets already in shelters that were affected by the hurricanes were evacuated to New York City for their safety. Strut your Mutt and Best Friends are hosting a special Strut Your Mutt adoption event to get these pups into their forever homes.

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Why Strut Your Mutt in 2017?

At PetYen, we believe Strut your Mutt is pretty much the best day of the year (Adoptapalooza is a close second) because it’s a celebration to honor and save the lives of homeless pets. Their motto is “when we strut together, we can save them all”, and how cool is that?

One of the best things about Strut Your Mutt is that you can walk with your dog to celebrate any way you want. There are several amazing organized walks in major cities around the U.S! But no matter where you live, you can celebrate on your own just by heading to your local park for a personal “mini-strut” with your pup. Even if you just choose to dance around the living room with your dog or cat, what’s important is that you’re helping pets in need succeed, and we can all celebrate that.

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Strut Your Mutt NYC 2017 Event Details

If you and your pup are going to celebrate Strut Your Mutt in New York City, here are the event details:

When: October 7, 2017
Where: Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, New York City, New York
When is it going down: Registration opens @ 9:00 am; Adoption event starts @ 9:00 am
Walk Starts: 10:00 am
Festival Ends: 1:00 pm
Adoption Event Ends: 2:00 pm

You can also get more details on the Strut Your Mutt Facebook Event page.

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Strut Your Mutt NYC 2017 Common FAQs

Here’s what you need to know and a few common questions answered.

1. What shoes should I wear?

Put on your walking shoes: because you’ll be walking north from Pier 26 along the Hudson River to Pier 40 (the long route).   Or, you’ll strut along Watts and West Street (the short route) and back around again. This is ADA accessible and on mostly flat, paved ground.

2. Will I be bored?

Hello? The question is, will you be ready for one of the most fun-filled days with your dog in NYC? How many times have you gone to an event with a Bobbing for Biscuits Contest, Paw Reading, Paw-dicures, Reiki for Dogs, Dog Psychic reading, Tic-Tac-Toe Frisbee, Dog Bowl Bean Bag Toss, a Hula Hoop Jump, a Dog Toy Toss (and that’s just naming a few of the amazing activities). Can you say woof?

3. Walking makes me hungry, will there be food?

How about all day breakfast at the Eggstravaganza food truck!?…nuff said.

4. Walking makes my dog thirsty, should I bring water and a bowl for my dog?

No worries about carrying heavy water bottles and bowls. Water will be available on-site for both people and dogs.

5. What if it rains?

Bad hair day be dammed! Strut Your Mutt is held rain or shine so please dress (both you and your pet) accordingly.

6. What’s the proper attire for my pup?

Dress to impress and keep it classy; no pinch collars, choke collars or retractable leads allowed. Your dog should always be wearing their identification and rabies tags.

7. “My dog hates …”

Reflect on how your dog reacts in crowds where there will be lots of dogs present. Dogs who may be dangerous to other animals, people, or dogs too frightened around crowds should not attend.

8. How else can I stay safe on the walk?

Leave the bikes, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards at home. It’s all about the strut.

9. What happens if there’s an accident during the walk?

A veterinarian and EMT will be on hand to help dogs and people in cases of injury or emergency.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun strut on October 7th wherever you are! We are keeping our fingers crossed for all of our furry friends from down South who have escaped the destruction of the hurricanes and have made the trip up to New York City. All of us at PetYen are hoping they all find loving homes.

Get more information and register at See you there!

If you’re interested in learning more about local pet-friendly events in NYC, check out our Events page. 

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