Published: November 4th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

PetYen hosts Lee Charles Kelley at Halyards Bar in Brooklyn, New York City, November 13, to Help Dog Owners Diagnose and Treat Canine PTSD.

NEW YORK – November 2, 2016 – For the first time, PetYen, the most comprehensive website for finding local New York City pet providers, will host a free seminar with speaker Lee Charles Kelley to help dog owners and trainers diagnose and treat canine PTSD. Thousands of dogs that suffer from an anxiety disorder; Lee Charles Kelley shares his insights on symptoms and treatment.

Lee Charles Kelley has been training dogs since 1989 using the Natural Dog Training method created by Kevin Behan. This dog training technique establishes a deeper connection between the dog owner and the dog allowing the dog to develop obedience naturally.

Lee Charles Kelley shared with us, “There are roughly 75 million pet dogs in America and more than 6 million have PTSD. If you think your dog might have PTSD, there are some amazing new methods that could solve the problem!”

PTSD is a condition has been defined as “an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Dogs that are abused, neglected, abandoned, or loses his human caretaker, can develop PTSD. Many rescue dogs fall into this category.

If you know someone who cares for a dog that is a victim of this unfortunate disorder, please tell them about this upcoming seminar.

Our founder & CEO, Jeremy Feldman offer insight to the upcoming seminar, “PetYen is excited to build on our reputation for supporting the parents of New York City’s pets by offering free dog training seminars that are designed to help pets and their humans enjoy life together.”

How to Register for the Seminar:
Where: Halyards Bar located at 406 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
When: Sunday, November 13 4:00pm-6:00pm EST
Contact: Dog lovers can sign-up on Eventbrite or contact PetYen at
Share: Use #petyen to share the news!
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Dog parents are invited to post photos of their dogs using #petyen and tag @PetYen4Pets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share the news and support this event.

In addition to the seminar, people attending the seminar can also receive three private training sessions ($400 value) from Lee Charles Kelley, offered in a raffle at the event. All the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to a local NYC pet rescue organization.

PetYen partners with tons of local shelters and animal welfare organizations and supporting local New York City pet businesses is our top priority.

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