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To kick off National Pet Month, we attended the 5th annual Re-Tail & Sales Pet Expo to survey the pet products hitting the New York City market in 2017. This year’s event, presented by Pet Age Magazine, was hosted in Home Studio Inc.’s Midtown Manhattan showroom near Union Square. While the venue, which accommodated roughly 18 booths, was considerably smaller than a typical expo center, the space was filled with visitors, and the intimate setting showcased the camaraderie of the New York City pet community. Products ranged from creative pet apparel like Push Pushi’s umbrella hooded dog raincoats to innovative wellness products like Therabis’ Cannabinoid pet care and items designed to make living with pets more convenient like Ride Along Paws’ car door protectors. But our mission at PetYen is to select the products that we consider to be the most innovative, effective and valuable, so below is our top 3 PetYen product picks from the Re-Tail & Sales 2017 event:

Our Favorite Pet Products from Re-Tail & Sales 2017 Event:

PetYen Pet Product Pick 3: Zignature

retail and sales expo nyc zignature pet food
Maintaining our dog’s health is our highest priority, and we are always on the lookout for new foods to support a nutritious lifestyle. There are some fantastic choices on the market these days, and many more that are plainly fat-filled junk foods, but Zignature’s limited ingredient recipe piqued our interest. Zignature, which uses only one meat per a flavor and substitutes empty, starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and grains for more complex, nutritious carbs like peas, chickpeas, and flaxseed creates a filling, well-balanced meal without the fluff. And because it is important to know where your dog’s food comes from, we confirmed from Ziganture’s website that their fish, turkey, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the United States, their farm-raised ducks come from France, the lamb is sourced from New Zealand and Kangaroo meat is delivered from Australia. All of Zignature’s recipes are manufactured in the United States and approved by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

PetYen Pet Product Pick 2: Walking Palm

walking palm pet product retails and pet expo
The cat lovers in us were delighted to see Walking Palm’s Cat Caves at the expo. One of the greatest laments we hear from cat owners is that there is a limited selection of styles on the market and the ones available are typically too cutesy or bulky. It goes without saying that feline decor should cater to your cat’s needs first, though we can never assume to know what they want, it doesn’t mean it should conflict with our home decor, amirite?! So when we saw Walking Palm’s beds, we were immediately impressed by the all natural material, malleable shape, and sophisticated range of colors. They come in a variety of brilliant hues, some monochromatic and others in a chic ombre pattern, so it is easy to find a color that suites your personal style. Plus, each cave is unique, hand-felted and made from high-quality merino wool, which appeals to a cat’s urge to scratch and rub (and our love of one-of-a-kind products). Our favorite was the Western Sunset pattern. So we ordered one for ourselves…

PetYen Pet Product Pick 2: Comfort Food for Dogs

retail and sales expo nyc comfort food ice cream | PetYen
We have seen an extensive variety of pet treats “rover” the years, but we have yet to come across something as “humanly” relatable as Kimberly Couser’s Comfort Food for Dogs. Comfort Food, a powdered ice cream made from human grade ingredients, stole the Re-Tail show for us. At PetYen we know a thing or two about comfort food (our favorite pastime is snack time), so we were immediately drawn to the product. But what really impressed us was a) the simplicity of the product, b) the mindful, healthy ingredients and c) the owner of the company herself. The mixture, which comes in powder form, only requires the “chef” to mix with water and freeze the blend to make creamy dog ice cream. It’s pretty much foolproof. Also worth noting is that with summer fast approaching this would make for a refreshing treat to feed our dogs after a sweaty day in the park! Since we are ever-mindful of what we feed our pets, the fact that this treat is made without soy, grain, wheat, dairy or lactose, gives us peace of mind when it comes to safe and healthy ingredients. On a personal note, we love to recognize fellow New York City entrepreneurs, and Crouser, a resident of Queens, fits that bill. As small business owners in New York City we know how hard it is to establish a brand, and by the looks of it, Crouser is hustling all over the pet expo circuit and working hard for a product she believes in! We salute her efforts and determination and look forward to seeing Comfort Food succeed.

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