Published: March 30th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

Dear PetYenners,

We are very excited to introduce our new redesigned platform! We are looking forward to giving New York City pet owners more in-depth pet-centric content and hyper-local information so that pet owners can make the best decisions about their pet’s care and lifestyle. PetYen is dedicated to making sure NYC pet owners are more informed and better served than ever before.

petyen team

Some exciting features of our new website:

  1. We made it easier to connect to our network of the most highly rated pet care providers in the city. We revised our “Yen” form and made the whole process of sending a personal request to independent pet providers in your neighborhood more straightforward.
  2. We currently have over 85 businesses in our network who are ready to hear and respond to your pet care request in real time through our location based search engine.

To become the new go-to guide for New York City pet owners. We have added some fantastic new features to PetYen. We created extensive pet-friendly neighborhood guides for New York City for the active pet owners that tell you where to go and what to do with your pet in and around the city. We added a new updated events page to keep pet owners in the know about upcoming pet-centric events. And most importantly, we have rethought and revised our pet talk blog, Morning Lick’s Newsletter and social media posts to dig deeper into the pet topics and product reviews that really matter to New Yorkers and their pets.

PetYen’s decision to pivot and become a pet owner’s resource with a location based search engine, instead of just a search engine for pet owners, did not come out of the blue! It was a realization that in our attempts and failure to disrupt a market, we could create a platform that could complement it incredibly well.

Please take a moment to sniff around and discover the best New York City has to offer for your pet!

Warm Regards,

Jeremy and Julie

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