Published: May 23th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

A clear distinction exists among pet owners who invest in professional care for their animals and those that prefer a do-it-yourself approach to save money. You can buy shampoo and cleaning supplies to groom your dog at home. However, you and your pet experience several important benefits when you invest in professional dog grooming.

Proper Equipment, Supplies and Cleaning Processes

To achieve the same beautiful look and pleasant smell that you get from a professional groomer, a pet owner must buy expensive equipment and cleaning supplies.

A quality pet groomer has all the resources and trained staff to give your dog the best visual appearance and smell. A DIY approach does not get the deep cleaning results, so your dog still has hidden dirt and briefly masked smells.

Safety and Protection for Everyone

Novice grooming may lead to scrapes, scratches and bruises for your dog, which contributes to a lack of trust. The professional makes safety a top priority during hair and nail grooming.

If you do not trim nails well, your dog may scratch you or your furniture. Expert grooms trim nails to the right level, which improves your pet’s health and protects you and your stuff.

A Happier Dog

Dogs have emotional states just as humans do. When people get professional grooming at the salon, they feel refreshed and confident. Dogs experience similar mental benefits after a professional grooming service. A dog with long hair also feels relief from the hot sun with a quality hair cut. A pet owner is more likely to play with a dog that looks good and smells great as well.

Preventative Health Maintenance

In the course of grooming your dog, an expert pet care provider recognizes diseases and illnesses. A skin condition may signal an emerging problem. A less qualified owner may miss these signals, which leads to delays in getting treatment and protecting against major illnesses or fatality.


Regular expert pet grooming may save you money in the long-term if it leads to improved mental and physical health for your animal. More importantly, a professional groomer has the resources and abilities to give your dog its best appearance. Experts put safety first and ensure nails get trimmed to the appropriate length for safety purposes.

A happy dog makes for a happier home. An investment in professional grooming is modest compared to the returns you get from a cuddly companion.

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