Published: December 2th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman
As the self-proclaimed cat lady of the company I can admit that I have a problem….  I can’t leave my cat alone for longer than a night.  Whenever I go out of town I feel obligated to take her with me. Not because she prefers it this way (she has made that abundantly clear) but selfishly, I just miss her. I am fortunate that she is a good little traveler, which I attribute to having carted her around from day #1. As asserts, “Training a kitten to be in a carrier is a lot easier than training a full grown cat.”  So that helped. But in truth, it is never that easy… That is until I discovered the U-Pet Carrier from U-Pet, a NY-based company! Needless to say, it’s been nothing short of a game changer. Here’s why.
U-Pet Carrier1) Most obviously, it’s a backpack. A cat backpack! As a native New Yorker who schleps multiple bags around the city at all time, this feature alone was a major selling point. Now that I can strap my cat to my back I have the freedom to tote her around while I lug all the grocery bags, gym clothes and laptop cases that I desire. With both hands! This, my friends, is novel. And trust me, when frantically running to catch the Metro North (as I often do)- you need all the mobility you can get (see the picture of my girl Jess waiting with my cat in her U-Pet pack at the train station).
 u-pet carrier cat backpack
2)   My comfort. Not only is this case super light but the backpack straps are cushioned so there are no constricting circulatory issues. Plus, the straps are adjustable, so the bulk of the bag sits comfortably on my lower back and doesn’t strain my shoulders (it probably helps that my cat weighs all of 6 pounds). But nevertheless, I win.
3)   It’s cozy as all hell. For the cat that is. My cat’s old carrier was a real rigid plastic clunker. Her weight was never evenly distributed in the cage so she bounced around all over the place as I climbed up and down subway steps. This was pleasant for neither one of us. But in the U-pet carrier she is comfortably snug (it is the perfect size for her) and serene (see below image for documentation of pure feline bliss- she’s fast asleep). As with most cats, OC prefers to be comfortably confined, so U-pet nailed it on that front.
 inside the cat backpack U-pet carrier
4)  Keeps it classy. The bottom of the back is lined with foam and covered in a comforting fleece like material. On the one hand, it’s super soft for her delicate cat sensibilities, but the best part is the bottom comes out and is machine washable. This is an utterly fantastic because regardless of her comfort in traveling, she does get motion sick so I can clean this out real easy. Yet another win for me.
5)   It’s ridiculously adorable. Clearly. I have yet to sport this backpack around Carroll Gardens without hearing a collective “oh my god that’s so cute” from strangers on the street. And it sure as hell is. My cat peeks her little head out of the semi-sphere window and looks like a proud feline astronaut on her way to her first big day in outer space (well, at least that’s how I envision it). But regardless, she get’s a lot of attention which she clearly loves because she is a little princess space traveler who warrants big fanfare and all the love and applause* (please revert back to my original proclamation that I do indeed accept the nature of crazy-cat-lady-ness. At least I own it).

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