Welcome to Uptown Manhattan

For this guide we are defining “Uptown” as everything between 59th and 96th streets. This large swath of Manhattan is divided (logistically and culturally) between the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side and is separated by the “urban dog mecca” of Central Park. Historically, the opposing areas couldn’t be more different. The Upper West side has always been a bastion of Jewish culture, while the Upper East Side (once home to the Rockefellers and Kennedys) is often considered waspier and more conservative. While this distinction has faded over time, it still defines these two neighborhoods and can be seen in everything from culinary predilections (Zabar's vs. Agata & Valentina), retail stores (Harry’s Shoes vs. Jimmy Choos) and religious institutions (Congregation Shearith Israel vs. St. Ignatius Loyola Church). However, this is not to say there’s no overlap. Of course, the Upper West has its pomp and glitz, and the Upper East has its fair share of bagels and synagogues, we’re only scratching the surface of this perpetual cultural debate.

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WORKING DOGS: Pet-Friendly Offices

The Yard: 157 Columbus Ave.

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods of Uptown Manhattan


The Vibe: The Upper West Side is about as cozy and family friendly as Manhattan gets. It’s the kind of neighborhood where families stay for decades, where beautiful landmarked buildings like the Beresford and San Remo still stand, and educational institutions such as The American Museum of Natural History and The New York Historical Society are world renowned destination spots.

The Pets of the Upper West Side: Your human just finished the book, “How to Raise a Good Jewish Dog,” and you are outfitted with all of the latest gadgets in canine safety. This might make squirrel chasing difficult, but for the chance to eat a morsel of brisket or a bite of a bagel from Zabar’s, will make it all worth it.

Wag Like a Local on the Upper West Side: The Upper West Side is arguably the best neighborhood to own a dog in Manhattan. Dog owners are flanked by two huge parks, Central Park to the east and River Side Park to the west. Undoubtedly you will see dogs everywhere, so expect to make new friends on every block! Our best advice is to check out our Upper West Side, “Adventures with your Dog” article, where we mapped out the best place to take your dog.


The Vibe: Hey Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore! That’s right because you are now in probably the ritziest part of all Manhattan. The Upper East Side is the bedrock of old world refinement and class. Mini-mansions, fancy pre-war apartments, and large townhomes are the residential look de rigueur. The unique museums on the Upper East Side, coupled with the high-end shopping of 5th Avenue and the endless number of opulent dining options, make the Upper East Side the empyreal playground of the bourgeois.

The Pets of the Upper East Side: Hey puppy Warbucks, please pass the Grey Poupon! Upper East Side dogs live in an idyllic world and leave the ruff-stuff to the downtown doggies. On the Upper East Side you’re just as likely to see the chairman of Goldman Sachs walking a perfectly groomed poodle as you are to see a Shih Tzu in an L.V Tote.

Wag Like a Local on the Upper East Side: Walking your dog along Museum Mile gives your pup constant access to Central Park and you the opportunity to enjoy the landmarked architecture of places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. Turn around and walk back down Madison Avenue, where window shopping past the haute couture stores, makes for an infinitely more interesting return trip.


TREAT TIME: Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Uptown Manhattan

Good Enough To Eat: 520 Columbus Ave. – Free bacon dog treats and a white picket fence surrounding the outdoor dining area makes Good Enough to Eat good enough for your pup.

Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table: 680 Columbus Ave. – Farm to table fare just a block away from Central Park makes this a perfect pit stop. Plus they have organic salmon skin treats for your pup!

A.G. Kitchen:  269 Columbus Ave. – The only restaurant we know in the city with a Cuban-inspired gluten and soy free meal for your dog.

Freds: 476 Amsterdam Avenue. – Their tagline is “Come! Sit! Stay!”.  Their walls are decorated from head to toe in dog inspired artworks. This is a place that understands you.


The West 79th Street Boat Basin Café: West 79th St. & The Hudson River, Per Lei: 1347 2nd Ave., Bistro Chat Noir: 22 E. 66th St., Barking Dog: 1453 York Ave.

DOGGYSTYLE: Pet-Friendly Shopping in Uptown Manhattan

Ralph Lauren: 867 Madison Ave. – Not only will RL let you shop with your pup, but the legend himself is a famed doggy apparel designer and produces an extensive line of fashionable pet gear.

Patagonia: 426 Columbus Ave. – The go-to resource for all things outdoorsy. Head here with Fido to make sure you’re buying all the right gear for your summer road trip together.

Century 21: 1972 Broadway –  Because every New Yorker (and their dog) knows a good discount when they see one.

Bloomingdales: 1000 3rd Ave. – Bloomies (that’s native speak) not only has some cute dog accessories for your pup but also has dog inspired dog tags, bags, and baubles for the humans.


SOCIALIZATION: Dog Parks of Uptown Manhattan

Riverside Park: Riverside Dr. b/t 72nd & 158th St. Ren says: Considered by many of my fellow Terriers to be Manhattan’s most spectacular waterfront park. The Dog runs are at Riverside Park 72nd St, 105th St Dog Run and 87th Street Dog Run.

Carl Schurz Park
:  East End Ave to FDR Dr. b/t 84th & 90th St. Ren says: Nothing like peeing on the grounds of the Gracie Mansion. And the Halloween parade is one of my favorite yearly events.

Theodore Roosevelt Park Dog Run (Bull Moose)
  Ren says: This is a little dog park on the grounds of the American Museum of Natural History that is a great alternative to the crowds of Central Park.

Central Park:  This 843-acre wonder is the most visited urban park in the U.S. Bringing your dog here is like taking a child to Disney World. Your dog will be greeted by friendly faces, happy places and the sweet barks of dogs from all around the city.

WHO YOU GONNA BARK AT:  Pet Associations of Uptown Manhattan

Central Park Paws/ Bagel Barks: (Locations vary, check the website for info) this group celebrates Central Park’s vibrant dog community with a bagel infused meet and greet once a month in the park.

AMC’s Pet Loss Support Group: 10 E. 62nd St. – The AMC is a fantastic resource for anyone having to deal with the devastating loss of a dear pet.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): 424 E. 92nd St – The ASPCA is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of animals.

Search & Care: 1844 2nd Ave. – An amazing organization providing compassionate care for the pets of low-income, isolated and homebound New Yorkers.

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THROW ME ANOTHER BONE: More Pet-Friendly Activities in Uptown Manhattan

Symphony Space: 2537 Broadway – Head here for the return of the world-renowned The New York Dog Film Festival!!

My Dog Loves Central Park Fair: Central Park- Hosted by Central Park Paws is an annual event with agility courses, licenses, and adoptees.

92nd Street Y: 1395 Lexington Ave. – The Y holds pet CPR and First Aid classes. Remember knowing is half the battle!

Balto Statue: Central Park – A tribute to hero dogs everywhere. Central Park is honored to memorialize this dog’s true spirit and determination.


Bethesda Fountain: Central Park, The Obelisk: Central Park, Jose De Creeft’s Alice In Wonderland: Central Park