Welcome to North Brooklyn

Williamsburg, the crown jewel of Brooklyn, has become known worldwide as the epicenter of cool. As its popularity soared in the early 2000's and rents skyrocketed, the throngs of tourists, students and newcomers pushed the bohemian dream even further north towards Greenpoint and east to Bushwick. Today, North Brooklyn is a hub for creatives, millennials, musicians and young professionals who have come to represent the Brooklyn hipster community as a whole. Each of these North Brooklyn enclaves has their unique personalities and charms. In North Brooklyn there’s never a lack of things to do or people to see; you’ll want for nothing and might very well never leave.

PetYen's Picks

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods of North Brooklyn


The Vibe: The rest of Brooklyn (and probably the world) is a little jealous of Williamsburg. There are few places where you can find such a dense concentration of world-class restaurants, top-notch nightlife, and fabulous shopping. Forget the naysayers who claim that the opening of the Apple Store and Whole Foods was the beginning of the end. Williamsburg is, and will always be, an iconic neighborhood for all things hip.  So just embrace it, leash up your dog and enjoy this slice of urban bohemia together.

The Pets of Williamsburg: Your dad just told the groomer to give you a mohawk, he bought you a matching leather bomber jacket, and now he is teaching you to skateboard. It’s not easy having a 20-something hipster as your person. We get it. But you love that crazy guy. And at least you two look good together.

Wag Like a Local:  Walk along the Williamsburg Bridge, grab a vegan treat from the organic coffee shop, then hit up the taco truck and bring your tamale to a quiet bench along the waterfront to watch the ferries go by on the East River. You will need this peaceful break from the crowds.


The Vibe: This once sleepy waterfront neighborhood use to be known as Little Poland and home to the best pierogis in town. But when the popularity of Williamsburg surged, and the young people pushed further north, this neighborhood became all the “buzz.” Today, Greenpoint has the typical farm-to-table restaurants, chic bars and trendy boutiques that make it truly “Brooklyn-esque,” but it still manages to retain its Polish charm. Manhattan Avenue, the main commercial strip, is where to find the old school Polish restaurants like Karczma, and the neighborhood’s new trendier bars and restaurants are all clustered around the Nassau St. G station. Regarding architecture, Greenpoint might not be much to look at except for an assortment of beautiful old churches, but what makes Greenpoint special are the parks areas that dot this neighborhood (it’s all in the name: Greenpoint).

The Pets of Greenpoint: The Greenpoint dog shops at the Greenpointers Market, thinks the NY Pet Fair at the Brooklyn Expo is the hot ticket of the year and meets his friends at Little Dokebi before tearing it up at McGorlick Park.

Wag Like a Local: Greenpoint is blessed with four key outdoor areas for dog owners to enjoy! The new waterfront Transmitter Park, the lovely McGolrick Park, an industrialized oxymoron called the Newtown Creek Nature Walk (keep your dog safely leashed here) and McCarren Park which it shares with Williamsburg. If you’d enjoy a more inebrious activity with your dog, then head to  Greenpoint Beer and Ale where dogs always drink for free.


TREAT TIME: Pet-Friendly Restaurants in North Brooklyn

Five Leaves: 18 Bedford Ave. – The ultimate people watching Brooklyn bistro with outdoor seating, the prerequisite avocado toast, and killer martinis.

The Gibson: 108 Bedford Ave. – An unpretentious neighborhood joint that’s dog-friendly and has an outstanding whiskey selection.

Hotel Delmano: 128 N. 9th St. – Keep it real classy at this Williamsburg institution, which boasts having over 100 wines to choose from, an out-of-this-world artisanal cheese plate, and space for you and your dog to hang out outside.

Bushwick Country Club: 618 Grand St. – There’s no “members only” door at this dive bar. Bring your “A”  game to birdie a hole in the mini golf course with a windmill made out of PBR cans.

Lady Jay’s: 633 Grand St. – This bar’s big back yard and laid back vibe brings out the neighbors and their dogs, so expect your little wing man or woman to make some new canine friends at Lady Jay’s.

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DOGGYSTYLE: Pet-Friendly Shopping in North Brooklyn

In God We Trust: 70 Greenpoint Ave. –  The ultimate in “local” love, selling locally made jewelry sourced from local Brooklyn artists (and they love their local canine neighbors too).

Brouwerij Lane: 78 Greenpoint Ave. – The go-to source for fresh beer in Greenpoint with a nifty little art pop-up space featuring local Greenpoint artists.

From the Source: 67 West St. – Specializes in handcrafted, unique, solid-wood furniture to perfect your one bedroom studio in your 5th-floor walkup.

28 Scott: 28 Scott Ave. – For the truest of Brooklyn experiences, this underground vintage shop is chock full of curated thrift finds. Even if you’re not in the market for vintage, you can still settle in here with your pup and drink their complimentary whiskey.

Sprout Home: 59 Grand St. – Bring your dog and check out the outstanding selection of plants and artworks.  Or even better, book a private build your own terrarium class with your dog by your side.


SOCIALIZATION: Dog Parks of North Brooklyn

McCarren Park Dog Run: N.12th St. b/t Driggs & Union. Ren says: Nice local park. I love the wood chips, so many hidden smells… Dad is happy to go here because he gets his special bagel and lox from Frankel’s.

McGolrick Park Dog Run: N. Henry St. & Driggs Ave. Ren says: One of my favorite local parks with great sunset views over the Chrysler Building. This is my choice spot for an evening paw-ty with friends.

East River State Park Dog Run: 90 Kent Ave. Ren says: Wonderful brand new dog run with benches and a dog poo composting program. I like the gravel here. Less messy. Also, the whole thing is fenced in with netting that protects us from the children outside.

Maria Hernandez Park: 64 Irving Ave. Ren says: 3 barks for another brand new dog run! This top quality designed dog run is a new local gem.  It’s becoming popular with the big dogs who love the extra space, so if you’re a visiting dog you better bring your A game.

WHO YOU GONNA BARK AT: Pet Associations of North Brooklyn

North Brooklyn Cats: A self-funded group of concerned neighbors helping out the local feral and stray cats in the area. And for anyone who wants to pitch in and help out (but maybe doesn’t have the time or resources to foster a cat of their own) they would be happy to point you in the right direction, just email northbkcats@gmail.com.

Bushwick Street Cats: Group of volunteers, who also work closely with North Brooklyn Cats, are determined to reduce feline overpopulation with their trap and neuter program. And for all the budding rescuers out there, they have an instruction page on how to make Bushwick Street Cats Winters Shelters in case you want to take matters into your own hands.


THROW ME ANOTHER BONE: More Pet-Friendly Activities in North Brooklyn

The Shanty: 79 Richardson St. – Check out New Dog Sundays where you and your pup are allowed into the distillery from 2-6pm.

Calico Brooklyn: 67 West St. – A contemporary art gallery specializing in local artists and the owner, Scott Chasse (who has a thing for cats), produces his own line of cat-inspired art at OMG Webcats .

Greenpoint Gallery: 390 McGuinness Blvd. – This 6,000 square ft. space for contemporary art holds events, concerts, and parties, and is just the kind of place for you and your pup to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Exhibit Salon: 182 Driggs Ave. –  Exhibit Salon will style your hair up just right with your pooch by your side.