Welcome to Midtown Manhattan

Midtown is the beating heart of New York City. This cross section of Manhattan from 14th Street up to 59th Street, along the entire eastside/westside axis from the Hudson to the East River, is the largest central business district in the whole world. When most people think of Midtown Manhattan, they think of Times Square, the shining lights of Broadway, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and Rockefeller Center, which are hands down some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Most local pet owners shy away from Midtown as a pet-friendly destination, as the large crowds of people, lack of green space and frenzied pace makes Midtown a challenge to navigate with your pet in tow. But the savvy pet owner (with the help of our handy guide) can have a great time exploring this neighborhood and can see some pretty exciting things along the way.

PetYen's Picks

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods of Midtown Manhattan


The Vibe: Union Square has the honor of being the gateway neighborhood between Downtown and Midtown and it’s all high energy and fast paced action. This large public square is teeming with street vendors and hustlers, break dancers, food stalls and portraitists at all times, every day.

The Pets of Union Square: The Union Square dog can call checkmate in just five moves of “bullet” chess, they advocate for clean conditions at the Union Square Dog Run and prefer the Whole Foods salad bar over dry kibble any day of the week.

Wag Like a Local: Union Square is an exciting place for the pet owner who’s looking for some real New York love. Union Square is one of our favorite neighborhoods to hang out in with our dogs because of all the street activity and shopping stops around the hood. There’s a greenmarket for healthy grocery shopping, a dog-friendly holiday market with the most amazing food stalls, a top of the line dog run, and street performers all over the central hub that is Union Square.


The Vibe: Chelsea is the neighborhood west of Union Square that runs all the way down to the Hudson River. This neighborhood has cemented its reputation as one of the premier art and cultural centers of Manhattan and as a bastion of the LGBTQ community. With over 200 art galleries, the renowned Joyce Theater, the High Line, and a resurgence of upscale fashion stores like Comme des Garçons and Stella McCartney, Chelsea is on fire.

The Pets of Chelsea: The Chelsea dog feels just as comfortable hanging out in front of the corner bodega as it does standing around Chelsea Market. They are masters at scheming the best way for their owners to sneak them up on the High Line and are ruthless at judging their fellow canines strutting down 10th Avenue.

Wag Like a Local: Dog owners will encounter an eclectic mix of high-end condos, city housing projects and upscale row houses as they stroll towards the recently renovated Chelsea Piers. Hudson River Park skirts the entire waterfront and is where you and your dog will find a host of fabulous dog runs, tree-lined walkways and tons of possible adventures.


TREAT TIME: Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Midtown Manhattan

Cookshop: 156 10th Ave. – A favorite neighborhood joint with farm to table fare and outdoor seating which, when the weather is warm, is an ideal option for you and your pooch.

Ace Hotel: 20 West 29th St. – You can shmooze in the lobby with your dog, order some drinks, eat a few apps and have a coffee on top of that too.

The Pavilion: 20 Union Square West – This seasonal American restaurant sells $10 bags of organic dog treats and has the potential to turn a late afternoon walk into a surprising culinary experience.

The Half King: 505 W. 23rd St. – Strikes the perfect balance between a pub and well, a pub. But it has some seriously good eats and a dog-friendly outdoor area to boot.

DOGGYSTYLE: Pet-Friendly Shopping in Midtown Manhattan

ABC Home: 888 Broadway- Hands down one of the most elegant, mouth-watering, need to buy everything, home good and antique rug stores in all of NYC! And the pups are welcome to shop with you!

Union Square Holiday Market: Union Square Park South Side- A world renowned selection of artisans, craftsmen, and food vendors congregate every holiday season to make this market one of the jewels of the city for you and your pet.

Artists & Fleas: 88 10th Ave. – Discover talented artists and haggle for unique clothing and home goods, because is there any better way to spend a Saturday with your pup?

Abracadabra: 19 W. 21st St. – A true NYC staple for all your costuming needs. But be aware, Merlin (the resident cat) might not take a shine to your pup. Enter at your own risk.

Paragon Sports: 867 Broadway – An NYC mecca for all the sporty sneakerheads and outdoorsmen/women out there. It’s big so your pup will be grateful to take a seat while you shop.

The Drama Book Shop: 250 W. 40th St. – Sure you could bring your pup here, but why bother when the shop’s resident dog, Chester, is so cute that his dad had to post a sign confirming that yes, Chester is indeed REAL.


SOCIALIZATION: Dog Parks of Midtown Manhattan

Jemmy’s Dog Run at Madison Square Park: E. 24th St. & Madison Ave. Ren says: I dig a park that has views of the Flatiron Building and I’m willing to make the trip if dad promises me a Pooch-ini from Shake Shack after.

Union Square Dog Run: 15th St. & Union Square West. Ren says: I love this park because it’s right in the middle of all the action! The dog run is clean, there are benches for dad, and it’s shady too.

Peter Detmold Park Dog Run: FDR Drive b/t E. 49th & 51 St. Ren says: Kudos to the city for providing another large dog run with amazing water views.

Robert Moses Park Dog Run: 1st Ave. B/t 41st & 42nd St. Ren says: This long and narrow dog run is nothing to bark home about, but in a neighborhood with few other options for off-leash fun, beggars can’t be choosers.

De Witt Clinton Park: 11th Ave & 52nd St. Ren says:  I dig the size of the dog runs at DeWitt! They have large and small dog sections, so that keep things fair and square.

Hudson River Park: W. 59th St. to Battery Park. Ren says: A tail-wagging good time can always be found at the Hudson River Park. There is a walkway that you can follow for miles, and it has so many separate dog runs like Chelsea Waterside Park and the Leroy Street Dog Run so you can never get bored.

WHO YOU GONNA BARK AT: Neighborhood Pet Associations of Midtown Manhattan

New York Open Center:  22 E. 30th St. – Specializes in holistic living and spiritual fulfillment and hosts several animal-centric classes on pet nutrition, communication, and healing.

The Good Dog Foundation: 817 Broadway – This foundation has the incredible mission of easing human suffering and promoting the healing power of animal-assisted therapy services. Awesome!


THROW ME ANOTHER BONE: More Pet-Friendly Activities in Midtown Manhattan

Art Therapy Pet Celebration Workshops: 1115 Broadway- A monthly workshop that uses art to celebrate the bond between pets and their humans (and can be particularly useful for parents mourning the loss of a pet child).

Chelsea Art Galleries: (various locations)- Are for the most part super dog welcoming! Just be sure to ask – it’s probably not worth paying for a broken sculpture just because Fido knocks it over.

The William Secord Gallery: 29 W. 15th St. –  This gallery specializes in fine dog and animal paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries.  If you ever wanted to get your hands on a fine oil painting of a fox hunt on the English countryside, this is your place.

Grand Central Terminal: 89 E. 42nd St. – Dog-friendly and full of interesting pop-up shops, an Apple store, and a new artisanal food court, GCT is sure to get everyone’s tail a wagging.

Penn Station / Amtrak: 8th Ave. & W. 31st St. – For your traveling needs its pretty pet-friendly, but sadly not for large dog owners… Dogs must fit into a carry-on bag, tote or kennel to ride the Amtrak. Just be sure to check their website for the specific rules and regulations.