Published: November 22th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

“Giving the urban dog the fun they deserve!” – Christian Fox

Saturday, November 26, 2016, is Small Business Saturday – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. PetYen has chosen Paws & Rec  for this Small Business Saturday edition of PetYen’s Business Spotlight Series. We believe that Paws & Rec’s CEO, Christian Fox, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship as a business owner who takes the risks of following his dreams.

I sat down with Christian Fox at PetYen HQ in Dumbo, Brooklyn a few weeks ago to discuss his goals of carving out a new market niche in the New York City dog walking scene, which he calls…“The Canine Urban Adventure”. In this interview I to try to gain some insight on what Cristian’s vision is and how he plans to make his company, Paws & Rec the go-to dog walking company for New York City’s young and highly active dogs.

Christian Fox Owner and CEO of Paws & Rec

“I consider myself like a teacher, spreading knowledge on how the dog can thrive in an urban environment.”

Interview with Paws & Rec

When Did You Start Paws & Rec?

“Ever since I moved to Brooklyn in 2010, I envisioned dogs getting out to all city and in state park locations so they could enjoy the fresh air, run around and be themselves. The real fun began in 2013 when I opened paws and rec.”

What Was Your Motivation?

“To show urban dogs fun and adventure past a 30-minute relief walk. We are the active version of dog walking. We ensure the dog gets outdoors and off the leash rather than being kept indoors or at a daycare. In essence, we provide what your dog needs: exercise and socialization. It’s the urban adventure for your canine companion.

How Do You See Yourself ‘Fit’ into the Crowded NYC Dog Walking Scene?

“Primarily we are a local, thriving, word-of-mouth business. Our niche is families with young & high energy dogs. We provide a healthy regimen that supports a dog’s instinct to run with the pack. Our dedicated dog care professionals take their furry clients out for a fun trek that includes an active walk and visits to dog-friendly locations, where they can roam free and play with others. We also have ‘special programs’ for puppies who need integration into pack life; seniors who need some rehabilitation and rescues who need a little more special attention.”

Tell Us What Makes Paws & Rec a Family Business.

“At the core, it is my family who has continually contributed and worked hard to build upon my original vision: They understand the way I want Paws & Rec to grow and our family has been caring for dogs all their life. It started when I was growing up on Long Island, and a neighbor began leaving her dog with us when she went to work from 6AM-6PM. From there, it took off and soon we started a dog boarding/caretaking service out of our home. What started out as a family of three brothers walking and caring for your canine companions has now grown to a well-oiled team of six pack leaders.”

How Do You Envision Paws & Rec Evolving in the Future?

“Paws & Rec provides our services only at the local level right now, but eventually, my vision requires appropriate transportation to visit locations outside the neighborhood and outside the city where we can provide our clients dogs with even more opportunities for amazing adventures!”

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