Published: November 2th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

We’ve all been there: you’re going through your nightly routine and heading to bed when you’re (usually) perfectly behaved pooch starts begging to sleep with you. Your pets always know how to get your attention: those goofy smiles to warm your heart, the gentle paws on the legs to melt your soul, and if it’s a big dog, the good old-fashioned, “I’m sitting here and you can’t make me move,” tactic to wear you out until you give in.

Whether they usually sleep outside or have their own comfy doggie-bed in the living room, there always seems to be a struggle. But we at PetYen are now thinking it might be okay to give in. According to the Mayo Clinic’s new study, sleeping with your dog could be good for your health.

Before we dig into why sleeping with your dog brings better night sleep, here’s a look at our favorite sleeping positions with our dogs.


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Here’s Why Sleeping with your Dog is Good for You, According to a New Study

I know what you’re thinking: switching up your routine could mean trouble. There’s, of course, the fear that your furry friend could keep you up. Maybe they spend all night begging to be petted, or perhaps they snore. Perhaps they wake you up for a potty break in the wee hours of the night (pun intended).

But, at least to me, these are risks I’m willing to take if letting my dog sleep with me could mean more restful sleep.

The Mayo Clinic‘s study followed 40 healthy adults and their pooches as they slept together for seven nights. The study found that humans who slept with their dogs achieved a good night’s sleep, which is great news. But before you start packing up the doggy bed and taking it into your room, there are a few things you should know.

First, the owner shouldn’t sleep with more than one dog in the room. The study suggests that two or more dogs could lead to something other than a restful night. I see this rule of ‘only one’ causing trouble if you have more than one furry friend, but if you’re a mother/father of one, you’re all set!

Second, your dog shouldn’t sleep on the bed with you. The study found that people slept better when their dog was in the bedroom, but not in the sheets. It makes sense: if you’ve got a dog that likes to take up a lot of room, has been rolling around in the dirt, or has particularly stinky breath, you’ll definitely want to set up a spot for them on the floor in their dog bed. But if you like having someone to cuddle with, your pet will probably appreciate being with you.

Either way, the Mayo Clinic found that the dog’s position on or off the bed didn’t make a difference in their doggy-snooze, so whatever you decide shouldn’t affect your dog negatively.

Third, don’t try this with puppies. Know that all the dogs studied were older than six months and it makes sense to wait until your pup is a little older to start this routine. A puppy might not understand the importance of your sleep yet, and there’s the issue of accidents. Just make sure you know your dog and his training.

5 Benefits to Sleeping Next to Your Dog

If you feel inspired by this study, you might enjoy the benefits to sleeping with your dog. Here are a few.

  1. Extra Comfort. Your dog is always making your day better, so why not your nights? Having your pup with you while you sleep can be relaxing, whether it’s the comforting sound of their breathing or the coziness of their warmth. Plus, waking up to a doggy smile is the perfect way to start the day.
  2. Natural Stress Relief. We all know how soothing your dog can be. Just seeing them can take the world off our shoulders. Snuggling with your furry friend could be a perfect way to forget about the day and calm your mind at bedtime.
  3. Your Own Little Radiator. Dogs can help you stay toasty on a cold night. Just beware that if it’s a hot night the middle of summer, you might want your pooch to sleep on the floor next to your bed.
  4. A Sense of Security. You’ll sleep better knowing your guard dog is right there next to you all night. If anything were to happen, your number one protector is there at your side.
  5. It’s Good for Your Dog. Your pup wants to spend all his time with you, and if sleeping with you will make your night better, and theirs, it’s a win-win!

To Sleep, Or Not to Sleep?

At the end of the day, no one knows your dog (or your sleep needs) better than you, so it’s really your decision. But if you’re looking to change your ways, this study might be the perfect excuse to spend some more time with your furry friend.

For me, there’s nothing like waking up refreshed after a long night of zzz’s to start my day off right. And if I can make my dog happy along the way, that’s even better!

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