Published: September 25th, 2015 | Jeremy Feldman
Find out who in your neighborhood has the best deals for your pet!

Find out who in your neighborhood has the best deals for your pet!

Do you know who has the best deal on pet food in your neighborhood? Or which groomer in your area has an opening this afternoon? What about tips that local dog trainers in your area recommend for separation anxiety? When was the last time you had a specific question regarding your pet and just wished you could get answers right away. 

Well… you can.

PetYen is a platform that lets you connect with providers of pet goods and services in your neighborhood quickly, efficiently and most importantly, personally.  When we designed PetYen, the two concepts that we kept returning to were: “keep it simple” and “a personal connection”.  With Petyen, “keeping it simple” means no login, password or profiles, and the option to communicate with businesses directly through text messaging. “A personal connection” means you can connect to providers by asking specific questions about your pet. By sending one message out to multiple providers with different expertise, a pet owner can receive valuable advice and information from several expert sources.

One of Petyen’s secret sauces is that it lets a pet owner and local provider have a free flowing conversation that promotes relationships. A pet owner can start a conversation by typing a general question like, “What’s the best reduced calorie food for my cat?” Or they can make a request like, “I need a 5:00 appointment on Tuesday for my golden retriever to be groomed.” All questions get sent in real time to the experts in your neighborhood. The experts reply back with answers to your questions. PetYen wants pet owners to have a unique and personal interaction with the pet businesses in their community.

So go ahead and explore what’s available in your neighborhood for your pet. Whether you’re trying to save a buck, need a specific service, or perhaps just have a question and are looking for advice, the independent pet businesses in your neighborhood are terrific at what they do and want to provide you with the best information and service possible. Use PetYen to connect to them today!

– Jeremy

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