Published: March 21th, 2018 | Jeremy Feldman

We all hate being away from our pups, but the day is sure to come when you’re forced into a business trip, or better yet when the promise of island weather and margaritas call you to a human-only resort.

But before you even think of traveling, you’ll have to decide on who will take care of your pet.

While a dog sitter in New York City can be a good option, you might also consider dog boarding. With dog boarding, you know your dog is being taken care of, so you can keep your mind at ease while you’re away.

If you’ve never boarded your furry friend before in NYC, you might feel overwhelmed with the many options and various prices.

There are so many choices when it comes to dog boarding in NYC that it’s hard to know where to start. Between kennels, private homes, veterinarians, and even luxury doggy hotels, what is the best option? And, which one is the most affordable?

Every facility has multiple specialties (and different price tags) so without the right guide looking for a boarding facility can make you feel like you have jet lag before you even get on the plane.

In this crazy, confusing, pet-care world: we’re here to help. Here is our guide to what to look for in a boarding service and how much dog boarding costs in New York City.


What Does It Mean When a Dog is in Boarding?

First of all, what does dog boarding mean?

With “dog-sitting” you expect someone to come to your place to care for your pup.

When you’re “boarding” your doggie will be staying with the caretaker.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, not quite.

There are so many places you can board your dog in New York City, and depending on your pup’s personality and needs, some options will stand out.

The classic option is boarding at a kennel. It’s the ol’ faithful of dog care.

Your local kennel has probably been around for a while and has built an excellent reputation in the community.

Sure, a kennel might not mean the most play time for your dogs, and it would mean being in a cage for a good chunk of time, but your pup will be cared for by professionals.

Another popular option is to board your dog at a private home.

Lots of New Yorkers welcome pets into their home, which would give your pup a familiar environment they’re used to.

This could be a perfect choice if you know your dog will love the caretaker you pick. If all goes well, it could feel like a vacation for your pup – sort of like going to a fun aunt’s house when your parents are away.

But think about the fact that some candidates might have pets already, or might be boarding other dogs at the same time, so your dog might be sharing space with someone new.

While kennels and private homes are the most popular option, they aren’t the only way to board your pet.

One great, but expensive, an option is to set your dog up in a luxury dog hotel. Most dogs don’t need this special treatment unless they’re super skittish about being without you. However, putting your pup up in luxury can give many owners peace of mind when away.

Or, if you have a senior dog (or a pup in need of special medical care), many veterinarians will let dogs stay a few days with them. This is perfect if your dog needs daily pills or injections, but it will mean minimal play time for your pup.


How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog in NYC?

With a variety of services means a range of prices. Here’s what you should expect to pay for dog boarding in New York City.

For boarding in a private home in New York, $40-$60 a night is pretty average. That price can go up or down depending on experience, ability to provide daily exercise, whether they will administer medication, and whether the home has access to outside space (a rare commodity here in NYC).

While many private boarding spots will give you a flat rate for a night’s care, when it comes to a kennel, the price more often fluctuates depending on the dog.

There are different prices based on size/weight of your pup and usually an additional cost if your pet needs a particular brand of food.

Here in New York, kennels have a broad range, going from about $30- $75 based on facility and dog. While this could end up being more expensive than boarding in a private home, many kennels also advertise discounts for multiple dogs, so if you’re looking to check in more than one pet, this might be a good option.

While a kennel will provide professional care, sometimes dogs need a more watchful eye. A stay at a vet shouldn’t cost any more than at a kennel or private home for a healthy dog, but if your pet requires medical attention during the stay, this could mean big price hikes.

The best thing to do is to ask your vet for an estimate, so you’re not surprised.

Finally, when it comes to the luxury apartments, know that special accommodations come at a premium price. A basic room will cost about $85 a night, but that can go up to $200 if you’re looking at the top suites.

Find Affordable Dog Boarding in New York City

The best way to find the affordable dog boarding in New York City is to educate yourself on what’s out there. And by reading this article, you’re already on the right track!

Before you start looking for care options, make a list of what your dog needs. Does your pup love be around other animals? Does he hate being around new people? Does he need special medicine?

Once you know what type of dog boarding you want, use PetYen to help find affordable dog boarding professionals in NYC.

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