Published: April 29th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

Most pet owners find themselves in need of a pet sitter at least once in their lives. Whether you are going on vacation or have a business trip to take, there are times when pets simply cannot travel with you. The one option is to find someone who can look after your pet in your home or theirs. Finding the right person can take some time, however once you find the right care giver, you will be able to enjoy your trip knowing your best friend is in good hands.

Choosing Your Sitter

Ideally, the person you choose to look after your pet will have experience with the type of animal you own. However, you may not be able to find anyone who has previously cared for an exotic animal. If this is the case, look for someone willing to learn how to care for your pet.

Family members and friends are the best place to start looking for a sitter. There are also professionals who pride themselves on providing excellent pet care. Before you hire anyone, have them come over and handle your pet so you can see whether or not they are a good fit. The sitter should be comfortable with animals and show an affinity for them.

If you hire a professional, make sure you choose someone who is bonded and has commercial liability insurance to protect both you and your pet.

Start looking for someone to watch your animals at least two weeks in advance. It can take time to find a sitter, particularly if you are relying on the kindness of friends or family. They will need to check their schedules and make a decision.

Important Information

As with a babysitter, it’s important that you give your pet sitter a sheet of important information. This should go on the refrigerator if the person will be caring for your pet in your home.

Your info sheet should include a local emergency contact number, vet info, your cell phone number, and any other numbers that might be valuable. You will also want to include dosages and schedules for any medications your animal takes. Any quirks should also be noted. For example, if your dog only comes when you call a certain word, the pet sitters should be informed.

The Dry Run

It’s worth having the pet sitter come over to go through your pet’s routine before you leave. This will also give your pet a chance to get to know a new person with you present. Walk through the daily schedule and explain any odd behaviors or tricks you use. Show the sitter where the food, litter, etc. is located.

Make sure the person caring for your pet has a spare key or other access to your home. Answer any questions they might have to reduce misunderstandings. Once you have gone over everything, you should feel confident leaving your pet in the sitter’s capable hands.

Lastly, we of course, recommend using PetYen, your pets neighborhood resource to take out all the leg work of finding the perfect sitter. On PetYen you can send one request containing all the questions you might have like to our curated network of the best pet sitters in your area. The pet sitters can respond directly back to your request, telling you why they are the best choice for your pet. Use PetYen to personally connect to pet sitters in your neighborhood and get the information you need to make a well informed choice on who is going to take care of your pet when your gone.

It can be nerve wracking to leave your animals while you are away. By planning ahead, you can ensure they have excellent care and are given the attention that they need. A good pet sitter offers company, as well as feeding and walking.

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