Published: July 11th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

When a local Brooklyn watering hole in Park Slope closes the street and sets up a red carpet runway, you know it’s time for Freddy’s Annual 5th Ave Doggy Fashion Show!

Picture This Scene:   

You’re walking down 6th Ave. on what you think is just a normal day, when you turn the corner onto 17th St. & 5th Ave. You stop in your tracks. The street is closed off. Another dang fair you think. You’re probably miffed. It is the summer after all, and there is a street fair on every other corner. But then you notice a red carpet running down the middle of the street. How curious? You start to hear the sounds of music pulsing from a DJ booth. Now, you probably think, this must be another photo shoot for a new fashion designer that wants to monopolize on the “Brooklyn Chic” look. Whatever. But wait… It looks like a crowd of locals are gathering? And they’re drinking! And laughing. And they have dogs with them! So many, many glorious dogs. It can’t possibly be a photo shoot you think…. it looks like everyone is having such a great time?! Then, as you inch your way further through the crowd, you see this:

brooklyn doggy fashion show nyc| PetYen

And then this!

dogs in costume brooklyn fashion show nyc| PetYen
When you finally make it through all the hoopla you set your eyes on a runway and it is just ah-mazing! It takes your breath away.

runway doggy fashion show brooklyn ny | PetYen

BAM! Just like that. You are now experiencing one of the most exciting (and not to be missed!) pup-centric events of the summer season! Behold: The glory that is Freddy’s Doggy Fashion Show!

What Is It?

A doggy fashion show to benefit Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn.

Why Should you Go?  

Aside from supporting a good cause, how many acceptable excuses do you get to start drinking at 5 pm with your dog dressed in a costume?

Who’s Gonna Be There?

All of the cool dog owners in Brooklyn. Clearly. Plus, this year’s fantastic hosts comedians Jim Search, a semi-finalist from NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity and performer at the New Orlean’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, and Courtney Maginnis, a featured guest at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival and on College Humor and NPR.

What Makes it so Awesome?

Widely considered a warm-up to the NYC Halloween pup parades, this event has more drinking and way less stress. Freddy O’Finn, the co-owner of Freddy’s says; “We encourage all contestants to work it, because you get only one entrance. There is no such thing as too extreme.” Nuff said. But wait, it gets better…. This year Freddy’s will be adding LIVE LOCAL MUSIC. So not only do you get to drink with dogs in costumes, but you can dance with them too if the mood strikes. If you actually needed another reason to join in on the festivities, we think a live performance from The Push and Pull (a funk, soul, roots of rock n’ roll band) with special guest, Tony-award winner Michael Cerveris, should do the trick.

Should Your Dog Strut in the Fashion Show?

Can’t imagine why anyone would say no?! But the winner gets to take home the coveted Xena Trophy, named after O’Finn’s Pit Bull mix (and the bar’s mascot). So that’s pretty cool.

What Time and Where?  

The party starts at 5 pm and the runway show starts at 6 pm outside Freddy’s Bar & Backroom (627 5th Ave, Brooklyn).

How Much?

Free admission and it’s free to enter your pup in the fashion show! Win. Win. All around.

The PetYen team at last year’s fashion show!

Last year, several afternoon thunderstorms didn’t even manage to dampen the spirits of the dogs or their humans. In fact, just the opposite. While the rain momentarily drove the crowd inside to enjoy some Freddy food and libations, the minute the clouds cleared the first contestant hopped right up to the runway and werked it all the way down. And the crowd went wild. The other dogs followed suite. And while the competition was stiff, all pooches acted super professional, kept their cool and good times were had by all.

We can’t wait to see all the great doggy fashion choices at this year’s event and watch the contestants strut their stuff for a great cause.

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