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PetYen Standards of Excellence


  1. The pet care businesses in our network are worthy of public support and trust. Public trust and confidence is a precious commodity, and the business is committed to forging positive relationships within their neighborhood.
  2. The pet care businesses in our network adhere to industry safety standards and best practices. The businesses are in compliance with all the federal, state, or local licenses and permits.
  3. Groomers: Groomers in our vendor network have attended and graduated from a state-licensed grooming school or have completed an apprenticeship of at least two months.
  4. Trainers: Trainers in our vendor network have attended and graduated from a dog training school or completed an apprenticeship of at least two months under the guidance of an experienced trainer.
  5. Dog Walkers/ Pet Sitters:  Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters in our vendor network have previous experience with animals, understand pet body language and appropriate handling techniques.
  6. Day Care/ Boarding: Daycare/Boarding facilities in our vendor network meet or exceeds the pet industry standard for the housing, care, and supervision of your pet. The staff members have been trained in the proper care and handling of pets and uphold the highest standards of quality care, management, and welfare practices.
  7. The businesses in our vendor network adhere to the highest standards of competence, professionalism, and integrity. They provide a consistent standard of excellence that customers can rely on and trust.
  8. The businesses in our vendor network have embraced a shared responsibility to make their neighborhood a better place and value their status in the community as a source of products and services.


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