Published: September 27th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

Let’s face it: Brooklyn housing isn’t exactly roomy (or cheap). So, when it comes to living in the city, it’s best to whittle down to the bare essentials with stylish, quality pet products that won’t need to be replaced in the short term.

Taking care of Fido or Fluffy is pretty simple. Your pet has three basic needs: eating, pooing, and grooming. It doesn’t take more than a few supplies to get this done.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of pet products out there that confuse the whole situation, making owners feel they “need” something when in actuality they’re pretty unnecessary and usually end up as clutter.

So, whether you’re getting your first pet or you want to cut back on the products you already have, consider the following essentials we think provide the best care for your furry companion’s needs (without going overboard).

Feeding Products

No, You Don’t Really Need:

Live cups of wheatgrass for kitty.
A high-tech automated feeding station.
A high chair so your pup can eat with you at the table.

As far as feeding goes, simpler tools are better. Not only do they cost less, but they last longer than automated systems with parts that break, malfunction, or simply wear out.

Instead, Consider:

A Set of Bowls

Unless you’ll be away for extended periods of time on a regular basis, simple bowls work like a charm! But there are certain features that make for a better bowl, such as being dishwasher-safe or raised off the floor.

Neater Feeder Mess-Proof bowls accomplish both these tasks and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Plus, its two removable stainless steel bowls sit on a raised platform that also serves as a containment tray to prevent kibble and water spilling onto your floor.

Though one bowl is intended for food and the other water, pet owners who want to encourage hydration with a water fountain can use one side of the feeder for dry kibble and the other for wet food.

Either way, this feeding set-up is a worthy, long-term investment.

A Water Fountain

Making sure your pets stay hydrated is not only essential to their digestion and ability to absorb nutrients, but it also guards against dehydration-related issues such as gastrointestinal blockages and tooth decay. So for the pet who prefers to drink from running water sources, a fountain like the Drinkwell Multi-Tier comes in handy. The stylish design won’t offend your décor and an enclosed charcoal filter keeps the water tasting fresh. It’s small enough for a single cat but large enough for multiple cats or even a small dog to use. Plus, It’s even dishwasher-safe!

pet product essentials nyc living | petyen

However, for heftier pups, you might consider the Big Max Fountain. It has a sleek, ceramic construction that makes it heavy enough to prevent it from sliding around the floor when Fido’s lapping up a cold one. It is also dishwasher safe and available in white or black to fit all aesthetics.

Pooing Products

No, You Don’t Really Need:

Bulky, robotic, self-cleaning litter machines.
Two-piece rake and scoop sets.
Special “poop” gloves.

What goes in must come out! Poo isn’t rocket science, so there’s no need to complicate it with robotics and multi-piece cleaning sets that take up too much storage space!

Instead, Consider:

A Sturdy, One-Handed Scoop

You’ll need a good scoop to take care of your furry friend’s business without making a [bigger] mess of things. Nature’s Miracle offers tools that are strong, practical, and affordable such as
the Jaw Scoop, which, with its one-handed operation, is a dog owner’s favorite. Its toothed jaw grabs waste of any size from any surface, including from grass and even mounds of snow.
If you’re a cat parent, try the Scoop & Caddy combo. The caddy stows the scoop out of sight when not in use and its flat design can be neatly attached to the side of a litter pan. The scoop itself is antimicrobial and (bonus!) non-stick, which any cat owner who’s had to wipe off a scoop caked with damp litter can appreciate.

An Indoor Poop Solution for Your Pup

Dogs generally do their business outdoors, but, even so, some people train their pups to use a wee wee pad to lessen the chance of indoor accidents.

The Porch Potty, starting at $225, may seem pricey, but it could be an investment worth making. It’s a robust self-draining (and, with the premium model, even self-rinsing) system designed to attract and train pooches to potty in the right place.

dog product essentials nyc living| petyen

Not only is the wicker base stylish, but the top layer comes in two options: synthetic grass or you could upgrade to actual sod. That’s right: real grass, in your house, for your pooch. AWESOME.

A Covert Litterbox

For cats, going potty is a whole different story. Litter is messy and receptacles are typically unsightly, but purchasing the right box can alleviate both problems.

Open-topped litter boxes are not just eye-sores, but they emit odors and leave little to the imagination. Instead, choose a covered box like the PetMate Booda Clean Step. With its domed top and charcoal-filtered vent, it covers up the sights and smells associated with kitty litter and the ramp loosens litter that gets trapped in paws before reaching your floor.

If you’d rather have something that totally blends in with your furniture, consider a Hidden Cat Litter Planter which artfully imitates a potted plant so your guests won’t even know you have a litter box in your living room. Just know that without a ramp to shake free the toe-litter you may have to set out a litter-trapping rug beneath it to help contain scatter.

Grooming Products

No, You Don’t Really Need:

A grooming vacuum.
A battery-powered rotary nail file.
Ten different brushes and combs.

Go to any pet supply store and you’ll be faced with enough grooming supplies to make your head spin. But, really, all you need are two things – one thing for coat care and one for nails – to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Instead, Consider:

A Block Comb

The SleekEZ grooming tool is a simple, block-style brush with uniquely designed teeth that work deep through fur in order to remove loose hair, dander, dirt, and a shedding undercoat from either dogs or cats.

pet grooming products nyc living| petyen

Nail Scissors

Again, the simpler the better. Traditional styles of nail clippers are consistently top picks with professional groomers for a good reason: they work! Models with a rubbery, cushioned grip – like the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer – help prevent slips while you’re giving your fur baby a mani-pedi.

And that’s it! Get your pet’s three basic needs met with simple, quality products and you’ll have things covered from head to wagging tail.

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