Published: May 1th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

As summer fast approaches, we started to round up some of the best dog gear to make your New York City summertime adventures with your pet safer and more enjoyable. While it’s awesome to finally ditch the winter coat and start exploring New York City in shorts and a t-shirt, it’s important to remember to keep your dog properly hydrated during your outdoor activities.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

When playing with your dog outside, it’s vital to bring along the water for your dog to drink. We often don’t realize how quickly our dogs can become dehydrated. So It’s super important to make regular hydration stops a part of your summer walking routine so your dog can drink, stay active and be healthy.

Pet MD explains:

“Once their body temperature rises, dogs can’t sweat through their skin like we do to cool off. Dogs do sweat through their paw pads, but it’s by panting that dogs circulate the necessary air through their bodies to cool down. Panting is a sign that your dog is excited, hot or both. But painting is also a warning sign. If your dog is taking a break from exercise and continues to pant heavily, this could be a sign of heat stroke – a medical emergency. Move your dog to a cool spot or indoors immediately”.

Should I Use Communal Water Bowls at Dog Parks?

While the easiest way to combat summer fatigue and dehydration is to stick close to the parks and dog runs that have dog-friendly water fountains, that might not always be possible or convenient. For the dog owner who prefers this method, check out PetYen’s Dog-Friendly Neighborhood Guides, which gives you the lowdown about which New York City dog parks have fresh water sources, pools and the shady spots.

There are two obvious problems with this approach.

  1. You’re limited to one particular area, or you’ll have to map out a route that takes you past several dog-friendly fountains throughout the day.
  2. Your dog is drinking from a communal water bowl. Your dog won’t mind, but this freaks some dog parents out and for a good reason; communal water bowls can harbor all types of bacteria that are potentially harmful to your dog. So, for the owner of a healthy and thirsty dog, the communal water bowl can be a cringe-worthy risk worth taking. But for owners of a puppy, senior or a dog with health issues, then it’s probably best to avoid a communal water bowl all together.

What About Fabric Water Bowls?

The second option is to carry around a portable water bowl. Before we discovered the Eddy Bowl, we were using a fabric water bowl. However, fabric water bowls like this have two main drawbacks.

  • Drying time: After these bowls get used, they take a while to dry completely. If you were hoping to stuff the bowl back into your pant pocket or in a bag with other dry goods after it’s been used, be forewarned, everything the bowl touches for the next hour would become moist.
  • Size: While the soft, folding fabric is lightweight and stuffable, it needs its bag to be carried around all day. It’s a bit uncomfortable sticking this bowl in your back pocket (especially when wet) and walking around with it all day.

Why We Choose The Eddy Bowl

But thanks to the Eddy Bowl, these two options are now a thing of the past! Starting this summer, we now have a stack of Eddy Bowls sitting by our leashes ready to go. The Eddy Bowl is a convenient, foldable, reusable and recyclable paper bowl for your dog. The real genius behind the Eddy Bowl is its foldable, origami-esque design. The Eddy bowl can fold into the size of a matchbook; it can even fit into a wallet packed with the usual assortment of credit and business cards. When unfolded and opened, the Eddy Bowl holds approx 1.5 cups of food or water.

And because the inside has a waxy smooth liner that keeps the paper from getting damp, it only takes a couple of shakes and a quick wipe to have it completely dry and ready to be folded and put back into your pocket.

We Tested The Eddy Bowl in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

PetYen tested the Eddy Bowl in Prospect Park, Brooklyn with our popular product testing Welsh Terrier Ren. It was the first Sunny Sunday in April, and we spent 3 hours traversing the park and stopping every 30 minutes or so to pull out the bowl and offer Ren a drink. Magically, The bowl held up throughout the day! It never got soggy or lost its shape. By the end of the day, the Eddy Bowl was still in excellent condition, and I was able to fold it back up to use the next day, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get 3-4 days of use from one Eddy Bowl before it would need to be recycled.

Watch our video on the Eddy Bowl below:

Since the summer is absolutely the best time to be a dog parent I hate to skimp out on products that make these few great months safer and more fun with my dog. If a product gives me the confidence to hang out outside longer and go farther, because I know I can keep my dogs comfortable and adequately hydrated, then I consider it a winner. At $9.99 for a pack of 3 and $29.99 for a pack of 10, the Eddy Bowl is a great option for the New York City dog owner. I’m figuring two ten packs will get my dogs through the entire summer with a few left over for next year. Whichever route you choose to go, keep your dogs hydrated and to send us pictures of your adventures! Wag On!

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