Published: September 29th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

My Human "N" Me Jerky for Dogs

As the owner of a working line German Shepherd (who requires daily training for her mental health) I am constantly on the lookout for high value, premium dog training treats. When we’re out on the training field, I expect at least 10 minutes of intense focus and drive, so I need a reward that gets her pumped and keeps her interested throughout the training session.  

How To Choose a Training Treat

After years of experimenting with different products, I have developed 4 standards that I look for when choosing a training treat for your dog.   

  1. My dog has to more than like it; she has to LOVE it. When my dog is trying to jam her nose into the hand that is holding the treat when her mouth is dripping with drool and her body is vibrating with determination, that’s how I know I found a great treat for dog training.
  2. The reward has to be manageable for the human too. If a treat is too soft, then it tends to make a mess in my pocket (and in my hand) especially when I’m presenting the reward to my dog. Nothing is worse than being out in the Hillside Park Dog Run with a hand caked in dog food and saliva.  Also, soft treats tend to crumble into small pieces that drop to the ground during the handoff. The result is my dog gets distracted trying to find the little pieces in the grass and stops paying attention to me.       
  3. If a treat is too hard, then that’s also a big problem. Because I  want her to practically swallow it without skipping a beat,  all the while maintaining her drive and focus.  If she gets preoccupied with stopping and chewing it means I’ve lost the battle for her attention.
  4. Most importantly, I only consider premium, healthy rewards made with the highest quality ingredients.  I look for American-sourced protein like USDA grade meats with a very limited amount of fillers like grain and gluten.

Why I Love My Human “N” Me Dog Treats

When I was introduced to My Human “N” Me Simply Primitive Jerky at the New York City Pet Expo, I was immediately drawn to the consistency of their product. The Jerky was the perfect texture. Soft enough to break into small pieces, even with one hand,  yet durable enough to stay together and not break apart prematurely.  I liked the idea that I could grab a handful of chunks to put it in my jacket pocket without having to pick out the crumbs all week . The best part was that I could hold a piece in my hand and release it to my dog, cleanly and efficiently.  My Human “N” Me  uses “human grade” ingredients for the best “human grade dog treats”, which are all sourced in the USA and their jerky is made in a USDA certified facility without grain, gluten or glycerine.  

Size of My Human "N" Me Jerky for Dogs in my hand

Venison jerky that fits perfectly in hand without making a mess.

So, I left the New York City Pet Expo with three different types of My Human “N” Me Simply Primitive Jerky (chicken, venison, and beef). The only remaining question was, will my German Shepherd, Uma,  find the jerky simply irresistible or will she be less than enthusiastic? 

I put a few pieces of the venison jerky in my pocket, put Uma in her harness, and headed to the park.  We hadn’t even gotten to the elevator before Uma had caught the scent through my jacket and was alternating between trying to shove her nose into my pocket and giving me pleading looks with whimpers of anticipation and excitement..I knew this would be a good test.

Training partner and treat tester Uma

German Shepard dog training partner

So, What Does Uma, The Treat Tester, Think?

Once we got to the park, without even a command, she was in a focused heel and ready to work. I rewarded her for her enthusiasm, with her first taste of the jerky and I almost lost a finger in the process. She was pumped, focused and rearing to go.  My Human“N”Me Jerky passed my (and Uma’s) test for a high-value training treat and we would both recommend it to any dog trainer or owner looking for a reward that is both easy to work with and obsessed over by your dogs.  

And be sure that if you buy My Human “N” Me at their online store to use code PETYEN10 for a 10% off discount!

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