Published: October 6th, 2015 | Jeremy Feldman

Dog grooming holds a special place in my heart. After all, I spent over ten years in the grooming business. I have groomed in corporate, independent and mobile businesses and found that when a dog owner, dog and groomer make a really great connection, grooming is a wonderful experience. So as you can imagine, I designed PetYen to give the pet owner and the groomer a way to make that perfect connection. When the time comes to schedule a grooming, PetYen’s search engine will help you find a groomer that perfectly matches your needs. You can write anything in the request box – and we’ve seen it all – but for the best results, follow these four tips.

  1. Include your dog’s breed in your request. One of the most important pieces of information you can include when sending out your grooming request is your dog’s breed. While most groomers are proficient in all breed grooming, every groomer has a few breeds that they “specialize” in. A groom shop will often have a groomer who has a way with terriers and another who can turn out a beautiful poodle. While both groomers should be able to proficiently groom either dog, you can use PetYen to find the groomer that really loves to groom your specific breed. The results will usually be a technically perfect, faster groom and a groomer who will have a deeper connection to your best friend. Great grooming is like an art, so be specific when writing out your request. Ask for a groomer who has lots of experience with your breeds’ specific needs.
  2. Specify your dog’s needs. To make sure your dog and your new groomer have a great experience together, be open and honest about your dog and what the groomer should expect. Every dog has different needs – from puppies to seniors, extra-large to tea cup, aggressive to nervous – all dogs need groomers with the experience, equipment, patience and knowledge to groom them safely. One great strategy when writing your request is to ask what “type of accommodations” the groomer can offer your dog. A groomer who offers an express groom for your elderly dog or suggests your nervous dog come at the end of the day when it’s quiet demonstrates an understanding of your dog’s needs. If your dog is large, hyperactive or aggressive, it’s all the more important that he or she is matched with a groomer with the right experience. Some of the most dangerous situations I’ve seen in my 10 years of grooming begin with a dog overpowering a groomer.  But you can ensure your pet’s safety by using PetYen’s “ask anything” search engine to match your dog with a groomer who has the experience and equipment  to handle your dog safely and confidently.
  3. Assess your own needs. As important as it is to find a groomer who clicks with your dog, it is equally important to find a groomer that works with your lifestyle. There might be five groomers in your neighborhood who can turn your overgrown dust mop into a Westminster contender — but if you expect to be able to book a same day appointment, want your dog picked up and dropped off, or need your dog to hang out in the grooming shop for the entire day — you need to include these “wants” in your grooming request and be as specific as possible. If you need a groomer who is willing to make these types of accommodations, it is important to ask some probing questions when you send your request.
  4. Know your budget. Dog grooming has evolved into two distinct camps. I call the first camp the “bespoke” experience. These stylists are highly skilled professionals who offer services like fur dying, nail polish, hot oil treatments, mud baths and creative grooming. New scissoring techniques, fresh styles like “Japanese grooming“, hydro-therapy baths and touch point massages are becoming the new norm. Some independent groom shops offer complete care packages that rival human salons in scope…and in price! While these services are enticing to some, the second camp, and one that many dog owners still prefer, is the basic “no frills groom”. This is usually defined as a short haircut and a basic bath. If this is the camp for you, you should be paying particular attention to competitive pricing. Most men who get a buzz cut have no need for an expensive stylist; they find the services they need at their corner barber shop. Likewise, if you simply need your dog to look neat an clean, try to find a groomer that matches your budget and expectations.

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