Published: May 15th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

The Hester Street Fair, a local indie market on the Lower East Side, known for hosting some awesome New York City-centric events like Girl Power with LES Girls Club, Jamaican Independence Day Fair, and New York Magazine’s Grub Street Food Fest, went to the city’s dogs on May 6th 207 for its first annual Dog Day Afternoon.

Hester Street Fair Hosts Dog Day Afternoon

Hester Street Fair NYC

Judging by the turnout, downtown dogs had long been waiting for their own day at the Hester Street Fair. When we arrived around 2pm, the market was crawling with smiley canines. Dogs of all sizes were excitedly dragging their human cohorts around booths, hanging out at the picnic tables, and mingling by the photo booth while beats from DJ Ben Robey pulsed through the air.

Hester Street Fair NYC Pet-Friendly Vendors

Little L’s, whose signature Krack’Em’s Dog Treats, which (as the name implies) are like edible dog crack, greeted attendees with samples (making for the perfect introduction to the event). Vendors like Brooklyn Bowtied, Squirrel and Bones and Little Bear Dog Apparel were on hand selling chic canine clothing, while Dog by Tayler was snapping portraits of the local doggie customers. And for the human chaperones, there were plenty of people food on hand from Hester Street Fair regulars like Bang Cookies and C Bao Asian Buns.

Animal Rescues at Hester Street Fair NYC

While the fair made for a fun day of partying for local pups, they were not the only ones to have their moment in the sun! The true stars of the show were the adoptable pups from Social Tees Animal Rescue, a not-­for-profit organization in the East Village that rescues animals from local kill lists, BARRK an NYC Rescue agency whose motto is, “saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever” and Foster Dogs NYC, who assist rescue organizations by placing adoptable dogs in temporary foster homes.

So what better way to measure the real success of this event? We spoke to Mariko, the organizer behind Dog Day Afternoon, and she reported that a total of five dogs (two from Social Tees and three from BARRK) were adopted and two were fostered by Foster Dogs NYC! Now that’s something to bark about and makes us happy to say this was truly a celebratory day for all good dogs of New York City.

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