Tips on Taming (and Training) a High-Energy Dog in New York City

If your dog is a ball of energy that vibrates without daily mental and physical exercise, then these tips are just right for you Before Uma and I moved to Brooklyn, we were living in a cabin in Upstate New York and training three days a week in the dog sport of…Read More

8 of the Best Places to Walk Your Dog in The Upper West Side

PetYen’s favorite NYC dog walking adventures in the Upper West Side of Manhattan Here is a snapshot of our dog-walking route: Start: 96th Street & Central Park West Finish: Strawberry Fields, West 72nd Street & Central Park West Distance: 1.2 miles Estimated time without stopping: 30 Minutes Highlights: Central Park Tennis Center –…Read More

8 of the Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Northern Brooklyn

PetYen’s favorite NYC dog walking adventures in North Brooklyn, Williamsburg & Greenpoint Here is a snapshot of our dog-walking route: Start: 160 North Berry Street Finish: 135 Broadway Distance: 3.5 miles Estimated time without stopping: 70 Minutes. Highlights: Bedford Ave – McCarren Dog Park – Greenpoint – Street Art– Williamsburg Bridge –…Read More

4 Dog Park Tips Every New York City Dog Owner Should Know

New York City is known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. One of the reasons for this accolade is the plethora of dog parks scattered over the five boroughs with generous off leash hours and lot’s of space for doggies to play. New York City dog parks are…Read More

When it Comes to Walking your Dog, Aim for Quality!

One of the joys of owning a dog is that you never have to go for a walk on your own. However, sometimes your dog walk becomes a frantic race against the clock, because there are far more pressing things to do. Your dog has no sense of urgency, and can find a specific tree so interesting…Read More

3 Tips for Living in New York City with a Dog

You might think that compact apartment-living and crowded sidewalks would deter dog lovers from calling New York City home, but you would be wrong. From Great Danes to teacup Chihuahuas, walk down any street at any time of the day or night and you will be sharing the pavement with a pooch….Read More

Should I Send My Dog to a Boarding Facility?

  Owning a pet can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. Dogs make great companions, and their loving nature can bring joy into your life. However, when business or vacation beckons, you sometimes need to leave your furry friend at home. This is where a boarding facility can help you. . What Are…Read More

Toys for Destructive Dogs

Toys for Destructive Dogs In the 2009-2010 American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, there were approximately 77.5 million dogs in American households. As more people become dog owners, more people also find out that responsible dog ownership can prove frustrating. Sooner or later every dog owner experiences destructive behavior,…Read More

How to Find a High-Quality Dog Trainer

How to Find a High Quality Dog Trainer So you’ve decided to have your dog trained by a professional. Having your dog trained is a great way to make sure that it becomes obedient and safe, two things you’ll definitely want to ensure if you have a family. However, once you decide…Read More

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