I Finally Found the Perfect Present for Pet Parents

Every year I agonize over what to get Jeremy, my brother and the CEO of PetYen, for his birthday. Aside from his great love for his wife and a voracious appreciation of fine foods, Jeremy’s true passion in life is quite simply put: pets. Or more specifically, his brood of furkids; Ren…Read More

5 Unique NYC Pet Boutiques to Visit on Small Business Saturday

We designed PetYen as a “neighborhood resource” for pet owners and as a tool for small business owners to connect with local pet owners looking for their services. The biggest advantages small businesses have over large retailers is the ability to provide personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service. When it comes to…Read More

I’ll Have a Latte, My Dog Will Take a Bone at Boris & Horton: New York City’s First Ever Dog Cafe

In the past few years, NYC has seen a proliferation of cat cafes around town, but the time has finally come when man and “beast” can drink lattes together in the comfort of their own indoor cafe! Boris & Horton, New York City’s first ever “dog cafe”, is slated to open in…Read More

Do I Really Need These Pet Products? Honing Down to The Essentials

Let’s face it: Brooklyn housing isn’t exactly roomy (or cheap). So, when it comes to living in the city, it’s best to whittle down to the bare essentials with stylish, quality pet products that won’t need to be replaced in the short term. Taking care of Fido or Fluffy is pretty simple….Read More

PetYen’s Pet Product Picks from the 2017 Re-Tail & Sales Pet Expo in New York City

To kick off National Pet Month, we attended the 5th annual Re-Tail & Sales Pet Expo to survey the pet products hitting the New York City market in 2017. This year’s event, presented by Pet Age Magazine, was hosted in Home Studio Inc.’s Midtown Manhattan showroom near Union Square. While the venue,…Read More

The Eddy Bowl Review : Keeping Your Dog Hydrated in New York City Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

As summer fast approaches, we started to round up some of the best dog gear to make your New York City summertime adventures with your pet safer and more enjoyable. While it’s awesome to finally ditch the winter coat and start exploring New York City in shorts and a t-shirt, it’s important…Read More

Where to Find the Best Apartment in Brooklyn When You Are a Cat

How to Find Cat-Friendly Apartments in Brooklyn, New York THE REAL ESTATE MARKET New Yorkers know that in the real estate race to earn a coveted Brooklyn home a person needs the stamina of Olympic proportion. According to StreetEasy’s NYC’s Hottest Neighborhoods in 2017 list; 6 out of 10 of the hottest…Read More

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Cat in New York City

In the ongoing debate about whether pets can rightfully be called “children” M.A Wallace raises some valid points of opposition in her article, “Pets Are Not Children, So Stop Calling Them That”. But to her claim that, “…having a pet is like playing with a living doll, a chance to enjoy the…Read More

We Launched Our New Pet-Friendly Website

Dear PetYenners, We are very excited to introduce our new redesigned platform! We are looking forward to giving New York City pet owners more in-depth pet-centric content and hyper-local information so that pet owners can make the best decisions about their pet’s care and lifestyle. PetYen is dedicated to making sure NYC…Read More

PetYen’s Top Picks From Cat Camp NYC 2017

4 Purrfect Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life! Hello, PetYenners! We just came back from the first annual Cat Camp NYC, and we had a fantastic time! This event was billed as “The city’s first feline-focused conference and adoption extravaganza.” So, you know, the PetYen team had to head on…Read More

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