Freddy’s Doggy Fashion Show: It’s Time to Sashay Down the Runway

When a local Brooklyn watering hole in Park Slope closes the street and sets up a red carpet runway, you know it’s time for Freddy’s Annual 5th Ave Doggy Fashion Show! Picture This Scene:    You’re walking down 6th Ave. on what you think is just a normal day, when you turn…Read More

How to Be the Best Pet Parent (According to a Pet Nutrition Expert)

As a society we are hyper-vigilant about our health choices and practices. Wellness websites like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop have garnered cult followings, new home meal delivery kits are introduced to the market daily, and it feels like we learn of a new cancer-causing ingredient in our foods every week. But this kind…Read More

What Makes New York City’s BadAss Brooklyn Animal Rescue so “Badass”?

New Yorkers love their dogs. In fact, if you think about how many successful rescue agencies and animal shelters operate around New York City you might even say that New Yorkers love dogs so much that they love to adopt other people’s dogs. Hell, we even have organizations like BadAss Brooklyn Animal…Read More

4 Reasons Why We Think The Tompkins Square Dog Run is One of Best Dog Parks in NYC

Seeing as New York City has no shortage of dog lovers, it should come as no surprise that the dog park scene is equally on-point. And luckily for us, we have plenty of pawesome options to choose from! To make your life easier, we’ve walked and played around all the dog parks…Read More

Dog Adoptions and More at Dog Day on Hester Street: A PetYen Event Spotlight

The Hester Street Fair, a local indie market on the Lower East Side, known for hosting some awesome New York City-centric events like Girl Power with LES Girls Club, Jamaican Independence Day Fair, and New York Magazine’s Grub Street Food Fest, went to the city’s dogs on May 6th 207 for its…Read More

The Personalized Request

One thing that sets PetYen apart from other Pet service search engines is our focus on the personalization of the pet owner’s request. We designed PetYen without passwords, log-ins and profiles because we believe that a pet owner wants to know which businesses in their neighborhood can accommodate their or their pets…Read More

Our Standards of Excellence

We pivoted, as all companies in their earliest development tend to do. We started out with the idea that we were going to leave our registration process as open and accessible to as many New York City pet businesses as possible. Our thinking behind this was that the more replies a pet…Read More

Walk This Way:PetYen to Find the Dog Walker that is the Best Match for Your Dog

The dog walking business has exploded in the past few years. This is partly because dogs have become the new members of the family and are no longer required to “hold it” till you come home. Instead, dog owners are willing to spend more to make sure their best friend is taken…Read More

How to Explore your Neighborhood with PetYen’s Search Engine

Do you know who has the best deal on pet food in your neighborhood? Or which groomer in your area has an opening this afternoon? What about tips that local dog trainers in your area recommend for separation anxiety? When was the last time you had a specific question regarding your pet and…Read More