Published: March 30th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

4 Purrfect Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life!

Hello, PetYenners!

We just came back from the first annual Cat Camp NYC, and we had a fantastic time! This event was billed as “The city’s first feline-focused conference and adoption extravaganza.” So, you know, the PetYen team had to head on over to the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea to check it out. And WOW! We were sure glad we did, the Cat Campy NYC turned out to be a well run and well attended inaugural event. We’re not talking about a couple of booths and a few rescue cats. This was the real deal! With row after row of tables filled with cat-inspired products, educational seminars and at least 50 rescue cats up for adoption. This event drew cat lovers from around the tri-state area to celebrate all things cat and to learn about issues facing (domestic and feral) cats today.

Exhibitors and adoption agencies came together to show off their products, promote responsible cat ownership and hopefully find fur-ever homes for the many adoptable cats at the pavilion.

Here’s a peek into our adventures at Cat Camp 2017.

The PetYen team spent the day scouring the booths, talking to the experts and testing out all of the amazing cat products to compile our list of the top four products we covet as cat owners and would certainly, highly- recommend as perfect gifts for the cat lover in your life.

1. Apollo Peak Cat Wine

Apollo Peak Cat Wine is a non-alcoholic catnip-based wine for your cat. Apollo Peak’s cat wine was hands down, our favorite product at Cat Camp NYC. We can’t promise your cat will like the stuff, I mean, a catnip infused nonalcoholic wine could be a non-starter for most finicky cats, but we love the idea of sitting down after a hard day at work and having a glass of wine with your feline bestie. We think the cat lover in your life would also get a kick out of the whole concept. Apollo Peak’s cat wine is made with 100% beets, brewed with all natural herbs and added vitamin C. Most bottles range between $4-$6 for a 1.6 oz bottle and between $11-13 for an 8 oz bottle. Their motto is “why to drink alone, ” and we couldn’t agree more! The PetYen team thinks Apollo Peak Cat Wine is a hilarious gift.

apollo cat wine at cat camp nyc

2. Honeycat Cosmetics

Honeycat Cosmetics is a feline inspired bath and body products for humans. Honeycat Cosmetics’ fantastic booth transported us to the world where cats are a symbol of female sexuality and sensuality. Honeycat’s bath and body products are for the woman who wants to bring out her inner sexy, feline/cat self. The “I’m In Heat” warming foot scrub and “Frisky Kitty Bath fizzy” bath bomb will make the cat lover in your life purr with excitement. With 9 different lines of bath and beauty products, including shower gels, scrubs, creams, butters and more, you’re sure to find something for a romantic evening with the “kitten” in your life or a at least great present for the down-on-their-luck friend who could use a little HoneyCat love to make their day purrfect!

honeycat cosmetics at cat camp nyc

3. The Dancing Cat

The Dancing Cat is whimsical, hand-drawn cat cards by Jamie Shelman. I have to confess; I was most excited to discover Jamie Shelman’s booth at Cat Camp. If you’re like me and have a bunch of cat loving friends who are constantly trying to one-up each other with hilarious cat inspired cards, then The Dancing Cat is a goldmine of fun filled fodder for next year’s holiday season. Jamie’s store front is on Etsy, which is why I haven’t had the opportunity to see his art before. Jamie is not only a fantastic artist who captures the relationship between cats and humans entirely, but he is also really so funny! His humor compliments the curious nature of cats, and the situations that he creates are beyond absurd, “Think of a cat sandwiched in-between an s’more” with an “I want To S’more You” tag line… Love It! Check out the entire collection and be the “talk of your cat town” with these unforgettable cards at

the dancing cat at cat camp nyc

4. Hauspanther

Hauspanther is where design, style, and comfort come together for the lovers of felines. Most of you may know HausPanther as the premier online magazine for design-conscious cat people. At HausPanther they have one goal; to spread the word about the ways in which good design can enhance the way we live with our cats. Hauspanther isn’t just about fashion forward design; they are serious about improving the lives of our beloved feline companions. Their creations inspire and excite the natural instincts of cats (tapping into their ability to climb, scratch, perch, and jump) – which is sure to keep them happy, relaxed and well behaved.

Hauspanther designs and manufactures their line of cat furniture out of their Phoenix Arizona office, but their modern designs would look seamless in the poshest NYC apartment.

The modern wall mounted cat perch, which includes a scratching post and hanging ball start at $40 would make for the perfect house warming gift to compliment any decor. Check out their website filled with unique cat products from companies specializing in modern and functional feline-rescue products.

hauspanther at cat camp nyc

We had an amazing time at Cat Camp NYC 2017! We were super impressed with the large turnout, pawsitive vibe and how well organized the event was. We met some interesting people, learned some new cat care techniques from the experts and saw some wonderful products that kitties everywhere would love! We can’t wait to return next year and see what new surprises Cat Camp 2018 has in store for us.

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