Published: October 8th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

In the past few years, NYC has seen a proliferation of cat cafes around town, but the time has finally come when man and “beast” can drink lattes together in the comfort of their own indoor cafe! Boris & Horton, New York City’s first ever “dog cafe”, is slated to open in approximately T- 2 months and we could not be more excited!

Because of NYC’s strict dining laws, what we mean when we say “dine together”, is that there will actually be two spaces (separated by a glass partition) in which one half will serve food and beverages for the humans, and the other half will house the pups while they play and socialize.

So, technically you will not be able to drink your cup of joe on the same couch as your pup, but you can still watch them frolic and make new friends while you enjoy your beverage. Yes, it might not be the most perfect union, but it will surely beat tying your dog outside on a cold winter day while you warm up with a cappuccino! And, quite frankly, it’s the best that we’re gonna get.


So here are our top 3 reasons why we can’t wait to date our dogs at Boris & Horton

1. The Location

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; the East Village is easily one of our favorite neighborhoods in all of Downtown Manhattan (and, New York City, for that matter). Boris & Horton will open in the former Ost Cafe space on East 12th Street and Avenue A. While we were sad to see Ost go by the wayside, we can rest easy knowing that their delicious cortados will still be available across the bridge at their Grand Street location in North Brooklyn.

But to be honest, as much as we loved Ost, we’re psyched that Boris & Horton will satisfy our coffee cravings (as well as wine, sandwiches, pastries and more) and allow us to bring our pups with (which does make Boris & Horton that much better)!


2. It’s a Family Affair

Boris and Horton is the brainchild of father and daughter duo Coppy and Logan Holzman. They are self-proclaimed “dog lovers and animal rescue advocates”, and before Logan embarked on Boris & Horton, she managed operations for Used Dogs- a no-kill dog rescue agency in New Orleans that specialized in fostering, adopting and educating the community on animal rehabilitation and rehoming. Plus, the founders named their joint after their dogs Boris, a pit bull terrier mix, and Horton, a small “mystery breed” mutt.

So there is a real familial vibe about Boris & Horton, and seeing that we’re a brother-sister run business (also of like-minded dog lovers and animal rights activists), we’re total softies for this family affair!

3. They’re Spreading the Love

If the fact that the founders are dog lovers who are offering us haven for our canine companions isn’t reason enough to love this business then how about the fact that they are teaming up with Brooklyn BadAss Animal Rescue, our fave rescue group in NYC! The cafe which will not only be a respite for dog owners, lovers, and caffeine addicts, but it will also serve as a location for weekly adoption events presented BadAss.

So, for the poor saps who aren’t lucky enough to have their own canine sidekicks, they can come to Boris & Horton and potentially meet the pup of their dreams. Our real hope is that one day a love connection will be made and then we can bear witness to some super celebratory parties at the cafe!

All said, we are amped for this opening and can’t wait to spend all the quality time with our pups at the cafe! Plus, word on the street is that they will have a photo booth. Who doesn’t love a photo booth?

Just in case you need proof of how magical a dog photo booth portrait can be, please check out the Humane Society of Utah’s brilliant photo booth series of rescue dogs, proving that the photos might even be reason enough to visit Boris & Horton!

Photo Credts:

Featured Image: Nikolay Bondarev / Stocksy

Inline Photo 1:Branislav Jovanović / Stocksy

Inline Photo 2: Tiff.gif Photography / Boris & Horton

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