Published: December 28th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

“Bonsai Comes Home To Stay” Children’s Book About Pets

Bonzai+Comes+Home+to+StayThis book beautifully was written and illustrated story blends the warmly inclusive message of E.B White’s, Stuart Little with a dash of the grown-up morality that defined Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree.” Bonsai Comes Home is a real, poetic story of a scruffy old Yorkie terrier named Bonsai, who we meet shortly before his present owner, the warm-hearted “Mr. Joe” passes away. We follow this lovable little dog’s journey through various living situations until a beautiful woman with red lips finds Bonsai too adorable to pass up and takes him home to his new forever family.

Who’s going to love it

YorkieBonsai Comes Home is most appropriate for kids who can stick with longer text and handle thornier emotions. Bonsai faces some very real challenges as an older dog who suddenly finds himself without an owner. While the story sweetly portrays Bonsai’s predicament, it is emotional terrain that grapples with broad issues, such as death and loneliness. For the young reader who can handle those themes, Bonsai Comes Home is the warm-hearted tale that is brought to life by the colorful illustrations of Vivianne-Art. Cross’s excellent and patient narrative is reminiscent of the narrative style of Beatrix Potter’s, Peter Rabbit.

The four most teachable moments:

1.Bondi’s unconditional love and deep concern of Mr. Joe before (and after) his passing is a touching reminder of how dogs bond with their humans.

2. The sadness and loneliness Bonsai feels when he is in the Old Dogs Home reinforces the importance of adopting and caring for homeless dogs.

3. When the lady with the red lipstick passed over the younger and healthier dogs and zeroed in on Bonsai’s unique qualities, as particularly endearing, exemplifies the notion that there’s an inner beauty in all of us.

4. Everyone (dogs included) no matter how old deserves a second chance in life.

What will the dogs be barking at?

older dogOlder adoptable dogs who are in need of a forever home will be barking for Bonsai Comes Home. This is the perfect book for a family with young children who is considering adopting an older dog. Older dogs are always the hardest to find homes for, and Bonsai Comes Home is a great way for young children to see the wisdom of old age and true unconditional love that an older dog can bring to a family.

Some great rescue organizations that specialize in older dogs are:
1. Senior Dog Adoption NYC
2. Mr.Mo Project
3. Senior Pet NYC
4. NYC Secondhand Rescue

About the author:
Terry Cross is the owner of Foxglove Farm, a beautiful blog for dog lovers everywhere. Terry is also the founder of Agatha’s Apothecary, a company that makes some of the best pet products money can buy, including their fantastic Probiotic Dog Essentials and a new line of luxury leather dog shampoos and conditioners. Terry is also a talented storyteller, who has written several animal-centric children’s books. Terry’s passion for all things dogs is truly inspirational and a visit to Foxglove Farm is a canine educational experience not to be missed.

If you’re a family with young children and are considering adopting a dog, Bonsai Comes Home is a must read for your entire family. Touching on the challenges that face older rescue dogs and the joys of opening your heart and home to one of these beautiful and deserving dogs makes this book a unique edition to any children’s library. If you’re a family that has already adopted, Bonsai Comes Home will be a daily reminder of what an extraordinary experience it is to adopt an elderly dog and to give a second chance.

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