5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets in NYC

Halloween may be a fun holiday for adults and children alike, but for pets it can be downright spooky. From accidentally ingesting candy that has been left out to trick-or-treaters pounding on the door, pets are particularly vulnerable on Halloween. Here are five safety tips to keep in mind this Halloween. How…Read More

3 Benefits to Using a Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed

The elevated platform, or pause table, is one of the essential tools in any trainer’s toolbox. It is used to teach confidence, central positions and improve focus and work ethic.  As celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman states, “One of the best-kept secrets in dog training is the use of high areas. One…Read More

Dog Treat Review: My Human “N” Me Jerky for Dogs

As the owner of a working line German Shepherd (who requires daily training for her mental health) I am constantly on the lookout for high value, premium dog training treats. When we’re out on the training field, I expect at least 10 minutes of intense focus and drive, so I need a…Read More

5 Ways to Bring the Outdoors to an Indoor Cat

Unfortunately, many New York City cats, don’t have the luxury of wooded areas or manicured lawns to hunt around for their dinner. And regardless of how many toys we purchase for their amusement, more often than not our indoor cats just want to go outside! So, if you have an indoor cat who wants…Read More

3 Observations on Why New York City Dogs Rule!

I was in Prospect Park with a friend who was visiting from a small town in Connecticut. It was 8:30am on a Saturday, the park was just full of dogs running around , frolicking and having a great time . My friend could not believe how social and friendly the dogs were…Read More

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