Published: April 29th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

Before the advent of Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters, New York City’s Lower East Side was once the beating, bloody heart of punk rock, transgressive art and experimentation. It was gritty, shameless and unexpected. As the story goes, gentrification has changed the face of the neighborhood today, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its alt edge. In fact, the Lower East Side can still surprise. So it’s only fitting that something as ordinary as, let’s say an animal adoption event on Ludlow Street, would be anything but traditional. Which is exactly the case with Tats ‘N’ Tails, a biannual pet adoption event presented by Grit N Glory, a rock n roll boutique/ tattoo shop in the heart of the Lower East Side, which hosted its third Tats ‘N’ Tails event on April 23, 2017. And in “typical” downtown NYC fashion there was nothing conventional about it.

Who Started Tats N’ Tails Pet Adoption Event?

Tats N’ Tails was conceived in 2016 as the love child of celebrity tattoo artist and animal rights activist Megan Massacre. Megan, part owner of Grit N’ Glory, started Tats ‘N’ Tails as a way to promote pet adoptions and raise funds for the ASPCA. That Grit N’ Glory itself is an homage to everything New York City and everything rock n’ roll, selling rock inspired t-shirts, posters, homeware, and accessories, makes it the perfect site for an only in New York City kind of adoption event.

Tats N’ Tails Pet Adoptions, Animal Tattoos, & T-Shirts

The third installment of Tats ‘N’ Tails was, in the true spirit of downtown, full blown rock n’ roll. Massacre offered a range of custom animal flash tats for $100 a pop, t-shirts were sold for the cause, and adoptable animals were on site hanging out by the ASPCA mobile adoption unit. It was a beautiful day, and the cash register was ringing, crowds milled about outside with adoptable pups, people streamed in and out of the ASPCA van to check out the cats, and all the animals were in full-on rock star mode. Because the wait time to get a Massacre tat can be months, it’s no surprise that the line to get inked was a long as a line at a CBGB concert in the 1980’s. The place was packed, and it was the kind of event that would make any New York animal activist proud.

The Future of ASPCA Adoption Events in New York City

While we were too late to get our own Massacre tats, we did get the chance to talk with Rena LaFaille, the administrative manager at the ASPCA Adoption Center. Check out our video interview below with Rena to hear more about the Tats ‘N’ Tails event and future ASPCA sponsored adoptions around New York City!


And for those who just can’t wait till the next Tats ‘N’ Tails event, PetYen picked out our favorite Grit N Glory t-shirts, paired them with a Massacre flash tat and then matched the rocking look with a dog or cat available at the ASPCA today!


For the person whose happy place is snack time and kittens are their spirit animal:

aspca event nyc with grit n' glory

For the person who Live(s) it Loud all day every day and has purrfected the art of the cat eye:

tats n' tails aspca pet event nyc manhattan

For the person who “Taco Tuesday”s twice a week and can’t resist a Cat Out of Hell:

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