Published: March 28th, 2016 | Jeremy Feldman

Pet-Friendly Amenities for New York City Dogs

According to the American Pet Products Association, around 6 out of 10 families in the country own a pet, specifically a dog. The population of family dogs in the country currently stands at 80 million. With such high numbers in question, it is little wonder that more property owners are coming up with new ways of catering for the growing population of dogs. One way of meeting this growing need is through establishing wonderful amenities for dogs in New York City.

Amenities are not luxuries
Dog amenities are not luxuries any more. Today, meeting the needs of renters while ignoring their pets, specifically dogs, is not sufficient. Renters and property owners now think of dogs as crucial part of their families. In addition to establishing dog-friendly amenities, property owners are also devising creative services that guarantee the safety and comfort of the little pets. The amenities that you will find in many properties in New York City today include:

. Dog parks
. Dog spas
. Dog concierge services
. Dog welcome gifts
Dog grooming facilities are now central features that dog owners look for before moving into any building. Several buildings contain indoor dog relief areas. Other basic features that are now permanent fixtures in many buildings around New York City include outdoor dog runs, dog waste stations and indoor washing facilities. Some buildings come with dog parks located on the rooftops.

Dog-Centric Special Events
Doggie day care and personalized walking services are among the most common amenities that you should ask for before moving into any building with your pet. Furthermore, as an indication of the seriousness with which locals treat their dogs in the city, it is now common to find Yappy Hours and other similar events taking place in almost all the neighborhoods. Dog get-togethers and costume events are more common today than ever before.

Thinking outside the box is a mantra that many property owners in New York City are practicing. For example, it is common to come across a building with designated dog elevators. Property owners are doing this as a way of making their buildings more attractive to tenants and buyers who own dogs or other types of pets. To enjoy such amenities, you might have to relocate to any of the high-end residential properties in the city.

Counting the Costs
Dog amenities began appearing in many properties in the United States during the early 2000s. Over time, dog amenities are now creatively done than ever before. The recession that occurred in the country towards the end of the 2000s interfered with the growth. Despite the amazing exponential growth that has taken place over the years, you have to be cautious and do plenty of research to determine whether you need buildings with dog amenities because of the following:
i) Breed of dogs to move with into the property
ii) Weight of the dog you can move into the property
iii) Dog or pet fees

A building full of dog amenities is a way of showing tenants or property buyers that the owner cares about their lifestyles. Therefore, take time and be choosy with the types of properties worth moving into with your dogs. In New York City, you will never struggle finding the best house to live in with your dog. Do not hesitate to ask for help from property managers around the city to create a list of properties to live in with the dog without your lifestyle suffering.

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