Published: May 24th, 2017 | Jeremy Feldman

At PetYen we love to report on local pet adoption events in New York City. That’s why we joined the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals for Adoptapalooza at Union Square this past Sunday, May 21, 2017.

We are always reading the heartbreaking stories of animals being dumped in the streets when we get a chance to see those same animals being fawned over by eager strangers, our faith in pet parenting is restored. There is nothing more gratifying than watching parents and children vie to bring home new family members, the likes of which have been rejected by former owners, that makes us feel all the good feels.

Adoptapalooza 2017 NYC Pet Adoption Event

adoptapalooza nyc rescue dogs

NYC rescue dogs making their rounds in the crowd

The Adoptapalooza 2017 event on May 21st in Union Square was no exception to this rule. In fact, it was more like the gold standard of successful pet adoption events. And it was MAJOR. According to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which hosts this bi-annual event, there were over 300 rescue dogs, cats and rabbits in attendance, and by the looks of things, well over twice that number of hopeful adopters looking for a chance to bring them home.

adoptapalooza nyc pet adoption event rescue dogs

Rescue dogs taking a break on the grass at Adoptapalooza

Even to a human, the crowd was overwhelming, but the animals were not fazed a bit. In fact, the rescue dogs happily strode around the grounds as if they owned the place and the adoptable shelter cats and rabbits sat in their cages soaking up the admiration.

NYC Animal Organizations That Make It Possible

adoptapalooza nyc rescue cats

Rescue cats and feral cat shelters at Adoptapalooza

And thanks to the efforts of the Mayor’s Alliance, Adoptapalooza was indeed all about them and they did own Union Square that day. Every participating organization was either a local rescue like Muddy Paws Rescue and Posh Pets Rescue, a shelter, or foster agency, save for a few select vendors offering free samples, a low-cost microchipping booth, and some informational tables handing out literature on pet healthcare, well-being, and emergency preparedness. Since no sales were made and all the groups were there just to benefit homeless pets, the only business conducted was to find forever homes for the abandoned animals.

adoptapalooza nyc pet charities

Friends who care at Adoptapalooza

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

The Mayor’s Animal Alliance for NYC’s Animals is one of New York City’s most revered non-profit institutions. They work tirelessly in their mission to save the lives of New York’s homeless animals, and their Adoptapalooza series is a testament to their success. New Yorkers are not only given the opportunity to choose from hundreds of potential new family members but for those who just happen upon the event, awareness is raised, people are exposed to the plight of homeless animals in New York City and shown how valuable it can be to adopt a rescue pet.

adoptapalooza nyc pet adoption activities

Having some face painting fun at Adoptapalooza

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